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Lech Lecha

Real Idols
Whatever you do, do it for real. There is no other way to find truth.
Go to Yourself
Lech Lecha
When your soul descends into the world of action, then every rule can be broken.
Traveling to Yourself
Every journey leads in one direction: Towards within.
Messing In
Even the wrong road eventually takes you closer to the truth. Even closer.
The River Up
Our destiny is determined, with one exception: Will we be the spectators, or the heroes?
Make It Your Own
Only once you have made it yours, then you can give it to others.
Our Mandate
From all the generations before us we inherited a wealth of dreams. Our generation’s mandate—and destiny—is to make the dream real.
The Source
The values essential to humanity’s survival rely on an understanding that we did not create this universe.