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Meditations on Moshiach

Take the exile out of yourself.
Right now, you are sitting on the tipping point of all that ever was.
The ultimate marriage is that of heaven and earth.
The mandate of darkness is to become light.
Today, the stage is set for a world as it is meant to be.
Time began. And it's going somewhere.
We are the matchmakers of heaven and earth.
Each act of beauty uncovers another face of the infinite, until everything has arrived.
One day soon, all the good you have done will shine.
The magnificence of this world was not created for some apocalyptic finale.
Dig your hands into the earth
and the blossoms will come.
I have found my oppressor and it is me.
There is no greater wonder than this life we live each day.
The goal is for the world to discover itself. To discover that its beauty is endless and its wisdom unfathomable, because it is the ultimate expression of the mystery of the divine.