Before the beginning, the Talmud tells, the Creator consulted each of His creations.

He asked the lion, “Would you enjoy being a lion?”

He asked the worm, "Would you enjoy being a worm?"

And only after each thing agreed, only then were they created.

The Talmud is not interested in fables. This is its way of telling us that G‑d shares His delight with each of His creations.

Just as He delights in bringing each of His creations into being, so each creation delights and celebrates being just what it is.

Indeed, that delight and that joy is the very essence of each thing.

And our job? To uncover it and let it shine.

Night of Simchat Torah, s'if 2, 5746. Elaborated further on the day of Simchat Torah. See Talmud Rosh Hashanah 11a as per Rashi ad loc. See also Shaarei Orah (Gikatilla) 6:5.