Laughter, Bliss, Inner Joy

Make yourself small and you'll have more to celebrate.
Happiness is believing in yourself as much as your Creator believes in you.
If you did good, celebrate that you have a G‑d who is there with you in your good work. And if you fell on your face, celebrate that you have a G‑d who does not abandon you when you fall.
Life does not tell stories. People do.
Embrace the infinite, and let joy surprise you.
Those who make themselves small welcome everything with joy.
Wealth is measured by what you believe you deserve.
If you believe you are an angel, prepare for disappointment. If you believe you are a beast, you may well become depressed. Best to know you are human, and when you fail, say you’re sorry. That‘s even higher than the angels.
Every need of the body can be a channel for the divine.
Some gripe that they cannot reach out for G-d‘s help because they are not worthy. Others celebrate that, as unworthy as they are, they have a G‑d who answers their cries.
Worry leaves no room for life. Be simple and open to heaven's downpour.
We study Torah with our heads. We celebrate it with our feet. At our feet, we're all the same.
You only truly own that which you are capable of giving away.
Each journey the soul travels eventually takes her higher.
The more you celebrating what you have, the more you are given.
The heart is the meeting place of G-d and man.
There are 50 Gates of Understanding. Then there is Purim.
True faith has open eyes, yet a steadfast heart.
The night is past. It is afternoon before Shabbat.
We have cried enough bitter tears. Now is time to return with joy.
Don’t confuse the joy of the soul with the faults of the body.
True happiness is the high road to G‑d.
The highest happiness is bringing happiness to others.