Help From Within

The Kabbalah of Investment
From the book, Wisdom To Heal the Earth.
The best way to understand investment is by looking at the archetype of all investment. And that is life.
We recognize a tzadik because there is one within us.
The first step forward is to know where you are now.
Better advice from a human being that cares than an angel in heaven.
A few words can provide much healing. A few words that contain all of you.
Looking at your world from Above, all is good.
When life pulls you down, that's when you discover what you're tied to.
What is higher than the highest wisdom? Doing good for the sake of good alone.
Tune up your soul. Good things enter when you're on the right channel.
If each of us will fight the battles we can win, all battles will be won.
We are more than equal. We are a single, luminous being.
Do a mitzvah just because it is a mitzvah, and let it shine!
Make all you do shine. Connect it to a point within.
Jewish nuclear energy: At our core we are one. Tap into the power.
Harmonize opposites. Be a spiritual activist.
A great soul is one whose presence fills our lives more and more every day after his passing.
I’m handing it over to you. Do all you can.
Darkness and harsh words may be necessary. But He never called them good.
There is only one real excuse for not moving on: The mud hole feels like home.
Traveling to Yourself
Every journey leads in one direction: Towards within.
Messing In
Even the wrong road eventually takes you closer to the truth. Even closer.
As a person behaves here below, so he is treated above.
Meet your personal spiritual fitness trainer, a.k.a. “the beast within.”