Some travel the path of inner serenity and wisdom, shunning engagement with this world.

Others engage the world in full force, fighting day and night for their cause. To them, serenity is purposeless.

Both are following precarious roads.

The seeker is prone to spirituality addiction, abandoning his responsibility to others and to the world.

The activist is prey to the allure of achievement and acknowledgment, materialism and its pleasures, until his original goals may be corrupted and fall away.

The safe and sturdy path is to travel both roads at once. Bring wisdom into action. Act with serenity.

Yes, they are two opposite roads. But that is precisely where G‑d is found.

Torat Menachem, vol. 34 (Likkutei Sichot, vol. 4), Parshat Korach; Maamar Hasam Ragleinu 5718.