The Now

Is Beauty Real?
From the upcoming book, Wisdom To Heal the Earth.
Once upon a time, there was a world that was a place of magnificence, awe and beauty. We, as cognizant beings, were privy to a small glimpse of that beauty—even to grasp some of the wisdom that stood behind it.
The past is bounded, the future is blank; G‑d is now. Forever.
Enter Your Day
Invest your entire being in each day of life and it will belong to you.
Counting Time
A moment uncounted is a moment that never was.
Life in a Day
A day enters, opens its doors, tells its story, and then returns above, never to visit again.
Master four gates and the city is yours.
Master your thoughts or they will master you.
Every day of your life you are born, live your life through, and pass on from this world.
Arrows of Life
In which direction does your life move? To wherever you have placed its arrow.
Each day awaits you to give it life.
Every day, every moment, the entire Torah is given anew.
In a rush, the world controls you. Slow down and reclaim mastery.
Liberate yourself from fear and become life’s master.
Our souls are the windows through which the world receives light.
Hand your mind the reins to your heart, and the black horse of pessimism gallops off into the night.
Now is the moment for which time began.
With every new moment, past and future are also re-created.
Before your soul descended to this world, it was determined she would succeed.
There are crossroads where your future will define your past.
Time Travel
You don’t need a time machine to change your past. You just need to change the direction it is sending you.
Two Channels
Get real. Jump out of the fantasy and talk with your Director.
Heaven Desires Earth
Heaven desires the earth. Marry the two and you will find peace.
Beyond Wisdom
There are those who claim there is no purpose. They have attained wisdom. But purpose is beyond wisdom.
Choose Life!
Choose life! It’s up to you.
Essential Good
At the core of all our beliefs lies the conviction that the underlying reality is wholly good, that evil is but a thin film of distortion soon to be washed away by the waves.
The past is defined by the arrow of its future.
Each year, as the shofar cries, the entire universe is reborn. And we are its midwives.
In each thing there is a Shabbat, an opening that allows life to enter, a desire to receive from Beyond.
With G-d's help, you will do the impossible today.
Why does it seem impossible? Because it is the purpose for which you were placed here.