More than Rosh Hashanah is about the One Above, it is about us below.
He created the world. But we drive it to its destiny.

That is why it is called “the beginning of Your works”—even though it is not the anniversary of the creation of the universe, but of the human being. It is the true beginning, as all of time begins on this day.

Because on this day, more than any other, we are empowered to switch tracks, to transform our destiny and thereby the destiny of all of creation. Through us, the bitter darkness that shrouded truth and goodness can become a flaming torch of light.

All is defined by the destiny to which it leads. Even the past is redefined by the arrow of its future. The very existence of that time that held that past is re-created once it achieves its hidden destiny. A destiny that only you can reveal.

That is all that matters: What you do with your life right now.

Because today is the first day of your entire life, future and past.

Maamar Zeh Hayom 5742.