Darkness Speaks

Darkness Speaks
At the outset of Creation, He removed all light. And that is the source of all that ever goes wrong.
G-d turned off the lights, so that we could make decisions on our own.
Failure is the opportunity to make darkness into light.
Real faith only happens in the dark.
Where darkness meets light and the two embrace, there you will find G-d.
Meditate on the delight your Creator takes in all your labor to do good.
Llife has no barriers. Just ways to squeeze the max out of you.
Darkness has no power but our fear of it.
Each of us has a terrorist inside, out to destroy us. Ignore it. Don't negotiate with a terrorist.
In those places most finite, where the light of day barely trickles in, there the Infinite Light yearns to be found.
In this world there is no beauty without ugliness. Embrace the beauty.
Your soul has travelled many lives.The bad fades away. The good is still there to help you.
Why complain about darkness when you can turn on the lights?
At the peaks of life, you can catch a glimmer of your soul. At rock bottom, you can touch its very core.
Set your sites to a place that makes this rock bottom.
In the struggle of those who fight to leave their muck and mire, there is found the very essence of G-d.
You are fighting a battle. You will be the victor.
There is no sweet song that is not equally bitter, save that which is shallow and meaningless.
When have you changed your past? When its memory drives you yet higher.
Return out of love, and your night has found its day.
With death, evil dies as well. But the good we have done lives forever.
The truth of all darkness is its mandate to become light.
If you cannot see where life is taking you, perhaps it is higher than you can perceive.
Light and dark will not wrestle forever. For in the beginning, G-d chose light.
The silence is also G-d.
When life is full of noise, adjust your reception.
Don't fret about the wind. You have deep roots.
Light has two places of its glory: In the heavens above, and in a yearning heart below.
The darkest points in life are the points of renewal.
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