There is a desire that lies at the very core of all being. That desire chose you.
G‑d is better grasped in actions than in ideas.
Those who share their love quietly, with no thought of reward, they are the heart of the world.
Sincerity is important. More important is that you do the right thing.
There are times for walking and there are times for leaping, times for moving forward and times for changing who you are.
There’s just one thing you’re here to accomplish: To be real.
Even as you throw yourself into this world, remember you are not the body, but the soul.
As long as you’re holding on to where you were yesterday, you’re standing still.
What makes us free? Simple deeds done each day, as agents of the One who is absolutely free.
f you are serving the same G‑d today as you served yesterday, what kind of god have you made for yourself?
Escape the prison of "being that."
One individual brought the world to the brink of destruction. A thousand times over is the power of each of us to do good.
Being Paradox
Splitting the Sea
If you catch yourself fitting into a definition, contradict it.
Always be “none of the above.”
Be within, stay above.
Go to Yourself
Lech Lecha
When your soul descends into the world of action, then every rule can be broken.
No one can say he is truly alive unless he is giving life to others.
The Invisible Prison
Let frustration juice the best out of you.
Infinite power is hidden in the humblest of places.
One small candle of one small girl can light up the whole, big world.
Where will you find happiness? Past prison walls, celebrating with the prisoners.
If you don’t like what you see in life, switch channels.
The River Up
Our destiny is determined, with one exception: Will we be the spectators, or the heroes?
In each of us, the entire world struggles to exist.
To lead, you need only to discover which way is forward, and begin moving in that direction.
When they tell you, “You can’t go on that path, it’s beyond you!”—grab that path as your destiny.
With enough light to guide one, you can guide a hundred.
There are seasons in life that allow you to escape, to leap into a new state of being.