Radical Reversal

Tikkun Olam and the Secret of Tzimtzum
The ultimate explanation to why things are so messed up—and what we are supposed to do about it
Before, it was impossible to imagine a world. Now it is impossible to imagine anything but world.
In a time to come, every small child will see more than the greatest prophet could ever imagine.
The true reality of all things is not to be, but to know.
The mandate of darkness is to become light.
The true teacher is most present in his absence.
Darkness is created to vanish, but light is forever.
Today, the stage is set for a world as it is meant to be.
Time began. And it's going somewhere.
We are the matchmakers of heaven and earth.
Each act of beauty uncovers another face of the infinite, until everything has arrived.
When every activity of life becomes a way to know G‑d, evil simply withers away and dies.
One day soon, all the good you have done will shine.
Now is the final struggle. Every power is given to us. To win.
Longing for Spring
Out of hope, our nation was born.
Let your gadgets be a springboard to wonder, to conceive reality in ways previously unimaginable.
Darkness is not our place. But we are led there to uncover treasure.
If there is anything to fear, it is that we may make peace with all that is bad and ugly in this world.
Light awaits you to release it from its prison.
The ultimate marriage is that of heaven and earth.
The ultimate delight is when your child does it all on his own.
Nothing is more rewarding than a life forged by the hands of its own master.
Apathy flows with ease. Kindness must climb mountains.
Do not silence those who are angry with G-d, nor argue with them. They have a right. Perhaps G-d will hear.
All that's left is to open our eyes.