Deep in meditation, the mind’s eye catches a glimmer of light.

A glimmer of light from G‑d. But for one who seeks G‑d Himself, the light is not G‑d.

Secluded from the business of humankind and earthly pleasures, immersed in knowledge of the higher realms, there comes a day the prophet hears with his ears the voice that brings all into being, sees with his eyes the splendor of that light.

A splendorous light from G‑d. But the light is not G‑d.

In a time to come, every small child will see more than the greatest prophet could ever imagine, the physical eye will perceive more than any soul has ever known, there will be a world, and its entire being will be a means to know its Creator—so much so that the very stones of the earth will scream out, “There is nothing else but He!”

That is G‑d.

Maamar V’nachah Alav 5725