Inside G-d’s Mind

How we can access the source of life (Tanya ch.52)

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Inside G-d’s Mind: How we can access the source of life (Tanya ch.52)

Discover how infinity sneaks into the finite world.
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Paul Bourgeois May 8, 2018

Divine Spark

I am dust, a broken vessel of the physical world which contains me.

I am Divine, The Spark which yearns To Be.

I am how I choose to express my Divine Spark within the world.

And God is peeking out through the windows of my eyes and laughing.

by Paul Bourgeois, 2015 Reply

Paul Bourgeois May 8, 2018

If we had no brain, if we received information straight from the soul, if our commands came straight from G-d, we would be like angels... automatons. Reply

Rita Forbes MD May 7, 2018

Hello, Mr. Ross

I found your class lecture on the mind body interactions through perceptive awareness and behavior expression quite interesting. While you gave the sages interpretation of soul energy and divine light and how humans connect to the Infinite Light, possibly could you not give example(s) from the Torah/Tanak were the human and Divine connection was overwhelming (i.e. Daniel/the angel Gabriel, Jacob wrestling with the angel prior to his name being changed to Israel, Joseph's dreams of his destiny and purpose, Moses and the burning bush, etc.). Oftentimes, the connection was so traumatic that it changed the persona of the individual.
These are different aspects of the Infinite connection to finite, which surpass the establish laws of universal operation for divine purpose and destiny and brings further clarity to the mind of G-d and His engagement with His creation as well as to why humans are unable to function within absorbing the fullness of His Glory. Thank you. Reply

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