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Overview and Wrap-Up

What Jews Believe, Lesson 7

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Overview and Wrap-Up: What Jews Believe, Lesson 7

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Emmanuel Avila Halladale August 17, 2021

How can you say " can have many religions..."?
How will the religions of the idolators serve God's purpose if they are against it by nature?
Thank you. Reply

JD June 10, 2021

Thank you for this series. I will be working to strengthen my relationship with G-d Reply

Peggy Finston MD Lakewood November 9, 2020

Life can be as "deep" as Torah if we can turn off the noise of media-morality.
There is an spiritual gap for those of us Jews who have not studied Torah and non-Jews who sense this lack. Rabbi Friedman has the ability to reframe Torah and apply this to the conflicting situations of daily life. He encourages us to search what Torah teaches and within ourselves for words, actions, and behaviors that might possibly elevate what we face. Reply

Gilly Davis November 8, 2020

Thank you so much! I got so much out of this series. It has meant a lot to me, as I search for truth, that these learnings are here and so easily accessible. I am so touched by the beauty of the Jewish faith and learn so much. Again, thank you! Reply

Lovell Milliams June 30, 2019

Thank you so much todah hashem Reply

Anonymous January 17, 2019

Life after death What do Jews believe about a life after death? Reply

Peggy Finston MD Lakewood August 20, 2018

Thank you Rabbi Friedman Thank you for these teachings, explaining the Torah as "a way of heart of how we live." From what you say, if we can lay down our swords, be finished with fighting, the gift of peace could possibly be embraced. I believe most of us humans are deeply lonely. Like you said, a moment of intimacy can become a lifetime. A real intimacy not based on a common enemy. Most of us yearn for that, but it lays beyond our current contentious horizon.
Where is it and how do we get there? Whatever the answer is, it must include a “we” and not a “me.” Reply

Anonymous Toronto July 17, 2018

I enjoy learning from you. No one has given me so much insight on the Torah and Who the Redeemer will be. I thought he would have been like Boaz in book of Rut.(Ruth). Is there hope that my misguided or deceived three children will return to study Torah and abandon their sick reference group of friends? I am dirt poor and have difficulty keeping a job because of worry and anxiety. How does one grow in faith like Abraham? I worry too much about my children. My ex husband is leading them away from Torah. I do pray for his new family and him. Would you do a lecture for single parents, On how to pray or do the Commandments, or study the Torah and Tanakh in order to see Redemption of our Children? Thank you Rabbi Reply

Anonymous Beckerlund July 18, 2017

Rabbi, I am very grateful for your videos. I found them profoundly moving. I find myself paraphrasing (poorly no doubt) to my son. I feel that you have given me permission to lift the veil and see a truth. I am filled with gratitude for to you. Reply

Lillian January 7, 2017

Believing.... Rabbi you are truly a great teacher. All the lessons were awesome...
I hope that I am one of the lucky ones and am there to help pitch in... like you mentioned. Freedom of choice
Thank you, Reply

Jan Texas July 8, 2016

God needs me to Follow Him ? easy! Reply

Oscar Killeen Texas March 7, 2015

Teachings of Rabbi Friedman My life had change since I discovered your videos. For years I was told about G-D but now I'm learning and feel the need to learn more and I hope to convert in the future.

G-D blesse you... Reply

Patricia Deneen Michigan, USA September 8, 2014

I did not grow up in Judaism, and I am hungry and thirsty for the knowledge that the Jewish people have. However, Judaism is so different from what I had always believed that I feel I am back in pre-school. Having discarded the foundation on which I had built, I am now in need of just the sort of foundation-building teaching you provide in this series. Thank you for your constant emphasis on the purpose of it all—to have a close, loving relationship with the One who created us. Your view of Torah as a revelation of G-d instead of just a list of do's and don't's is particularly helpful. Reply

Pat May 10, 2014

All teachings are excellent. Thank you Rabbi Manis. Reply