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Multiple Lifetimes

Reincarnation: Part 3


Multiple Lifetimes: Reincarnation: Part 3

Reasons why souls may need to endure the challenge of embodiment more than once.
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Patti Waterman SLC Utah April 27, 2017

Does DNA testing show multiple lifetimes? Reply

Anonymous Petaluma, CA January 4, 2011

Dear Rabbi Yisroel Levine,

I absolutely have truly been waiting a lifetime to hear your teachings. I thank and bless G-d for Chabad.org and I absolutely thank the Rebbe and the whole chabad family for the service and dedication to G-d.

May G-d continue to bless the Chabad Family. Your mission will be fulfilled! Reply

chana palo Alto, CA via chabadgsb.com December 31, 2010

part 3 I have always wonder about the other parts of our soul, your teaching has help me see deeper, I have long for more teaching like this for a long time thank you so much. Reply

Dvora Fairfield Jacksonville, FL November 14, 2010

Welcome Back............ To Part 3 of Reincarnation.........
Anonymous in cheyenne way go it , too!!
Thank you Yisroel Levine. You are a skilled teacher. So many lights went on as you taught I could have lit up my whole city!!
Thank you very much. Reply

Anonymous Cheyenne, wy November 8, 2010

Welcome Back Just chuckling... "Welcome back to Part 3 of Reincarnation..... That is pretty funny. Reply

Elina Oak Park, CA via chabadconejo.com October 27, 2010

You make The Rebbe proud!!! R.Levine,
Thank you for your classes, for your time and energy that you put in educating people like me. It was VERY interesting and deep lecture.
You have a true gift of being a great teacher and speaker. Thank you for your effort and thanks to your family for supporting you. Reply

Rabbi Yisroel Levine Agoura Hills, CA October 27, 2010

concealment of G-d by Adam and Eve As mentioned in the first class, G-d founded the world on kindness. G-d wants to express His love to us. Giving us His love without us earning it would lack perfection. The ultimate good for Man is that he should not be shamed, but feel like a partner in the fulfillment of the Divine Plan. Free bread is to us bread of shame -- such is the nature of Man. That is why nothing good comes without toil. When we fulfill the mission, we will be the ultimate recipients of G-d's love, feeling that we had a part in perfecting the world according to His Will. Reply

Gabriel Braun Toronto, Canada October 27, 2010

concealment of G-d by Adam and Eve If we are inheritors of "G-d's concealment" from Adam, then there must be an element of inherited and inherent spiritual DNA, which were passed on to us.
Was this the plan according to G-d's Divine providence, according to the universal law called "bread of shame"?
Dear Rabbi Levine-love to read your comments.

Thank you for your amazing course. Reply

mimi frankle agoura hills via chabadconejo.com October 27, 2010

Thank you !!! we truly enjoy all your lectures!
in this one we could see your inner spark...
thanks again Reply

Avishag Agoura Hills via chabadconejo.com October 27, 2010

Reincarnation Rabbi Levine,
What a great lecture! Thank you ! Focusing our attention on the eternal, divine nature of the soul and its journey toward perfection through reincarnation and the fulfilment of its mission puts our entire existence here into the appropriate perspective... Thank you... Reply

Anonymous October 27, 2010

Multiple Lifetimes If i could say Rabbi Yisroel Levine you have done honor to our Creator. If for some reasons you have not completed all 613 mitzvahs, then i would help. i would pray to G-d to give some of my mitzvahs to you if that be His will. It would be hard to image that all of your work was not completed and that goes for everyone in these troubling times. Reply

Linda Slotzberg Longueuil, quebec October 27, 2010

multiple lifetimes Very long and heavy lecture. Reply