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The Soul of Adam

Reincarnation: Part 2


The Soul of Adam: Reincarnation: Part 2

The conflict between holy and profane spiritual energies in the world and within man.
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Dora Germany March 11, 2017

Different human shapes Dear Rabbi,
I love the great work of chabad and admire the Jewish wisdom. Let me ask you: if we all derive from one man, Adam, why are there different kinds of humans on earth? We have Caucasians, Blacks, American Indian, Asien-chinese, Escimo.... How did Adam look? Reply

Danielle Branley February 26, 2019
in response to Dora:

Reactions over time to sunlight, gravitational pull, air flow determine racial characteristics over time. G-d created us to adapt to our life here. It doesn't take long. Look at the European settlers in the great State of Texas, the light is so bright that deep set squinty eyes have become the norm. I used to pick out the Texas kids on a kid show that put up their pictures and then said their first names and birthdays. I could always tell by the eyes. its only been a couple of hundred years but the settlers have adapted. Southern Chinese speak their own language with the same twang and drawl our people do in the deep south. Airflow. Recently, genetic studies have proven we all come from Adam and Eve. But that's just our animal bodies. Our souls are a different matter. G-d makes
a marvelous creation. Adam probably looked beige. Moving in the four directions would have decided further skin color as a protection from the sun. But then I am not a Rabbis. Reply

Anonymous UK February 2, 2016

Tree of life Adam and Eve were told not to eat from the tree of knowledge or the tree of life. They ate from the tree of knowledge and were expelled before they ate from the tree of life, so they could not have all the knowledge. Reply

Mr. Dean Levit December 30, 2010

Where's the TOPIC? What did this have to do with reincarnation? Nothing that I could see. Reply

Rabbi Yisroel Levine Agoura Hills, ca November 19, 2010

Reincarnation a foundation ? Thank you for your question.

As mentioned in the class, this was a quote from R' Menashe Ben-Israel. In his book, Nishmas Chaim, he wrirtes that the belief in Reincarnation is a proper one for the entire congregation of Israel. He says that in his research, he has found no one that refutes Reincarnation other than R' Saadia Gaon. (I believe he might have mentioned one other - I don't remember)

R' Ben-Israel continues that the "Wise of Israel" write about Reincarnatiion, that it is an "Ikur" from all "Ikrei Hatorah" (a foundation of all foundations) to be able to answer the question, Why the righteous suffer.

So to clarify, Maimonides established 13 principles or foundations of Israel for the entire Judaism, whereas R' Menashe Ben-Israel cited others that called Reincarnation a foundation specifically to answer the question of suffering in the world.

Great Observation! Reply

lori hsb, id November 18, 2010

Ezekiel~ God's Glory Ezekiel was asked by God, if he believed God could raise the dry bones back to life. He reluctanley answered "you can do anything". The reason he and answered this way was because the answer " no" would mean he lacked faith in God and "yes" would be questionable according to tradition. God wanted to make His point very clear, He alone raises the dead and He did! He gives life or takes it away. To believe in soul reincarnation into unclean animals the death alone would make them abombination. If Torah says Abraham made souls. This would clearly mean he had kids. Ones he sent away and ones he claimed. This would also explain souls that were good and ones that were bad. As did Adam's seed. In Gen 2 God breathed into Adam "then" he became a living soul "not soul first". Sometimes people want to be so wise and mystical they miss the obvious. You must know Ezekiel not claim to know it. One can read but, can't hear. God talks to those who understand Him. Those that lean not. Reply

Meir Bitton Montreal, Canada November 17, 2010

Reincarnation a foundation ? Fascinating topic and captivating lecture.
A comment/question:
Though the Rambam asserts that all jews must believe in resurrection,
he never makes mention of reincarnation per se...
Furthermore, prominent sages such as Sforno and Saadia Gaon had vigorously refuted reincarnation as a non-jewish belief... What is your view/opinion with respect to this? How do you reconcile this with rabbis/sages who promulgate reincarnation as a foundational belief, much like maimonides' 13 foundations of judaism?
Thank you. Reply

Kayo Tokyo, Japan October 21, 2010

Objective as well as subjective truth Very inspiring character refinement class. Reply

Rabbi Yisroel Levine Agoura Hills, ca October 20, 2010

Abraham's children According to many, "the name of tumah" meant that Avraham taught them names of negative energies in order for them to be able to fight them and ultimately remove them. These "names", whether positive or negative, are discussed in the mystical teachings of Judaism. So according to Rabbi Ben-Israel (and I don't know his source) the concept of reincarnation was told to them as well.

In regards to why Avraham sent them away, it is because they were not a good influence. After Sarah passed away, Avraham honored Sarah by following her directive when it came to Yishmael to send him away. Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn, NY October 20, 2010

Abraham's children Abraham gave the six children a "shem tumah" and sent them away to the east.
That seems much different than just saying he taught them Kabbalah.
What purpose was there in his teaching them this?
If these children were also his students, they would have stayed with him, not gone away, is this not so?
But then why to the east, which is associated with gan eden and "kadmono shel olam"? Reply