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What Is a Soul?

Reincarnation: Part 1

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What Is a Soul?: Reincarnation: Part 1

The origins of the eternal soul, its mission and the purpose of its embodiment.
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Joseph Buchanan via JewishTV Android January 14, 2023

Now please ask the Rabbi to start his sessions with Prayer Reply

Gedaliah 11213 August 23, 2022

There are 7 heavens: the atmosphere, outer space…, all the way up to the 7th heaven, where Hashem Yisborach has His Kisei HaKavod. Reply

Adriana Albuquerque Rio de Janeiro, Brazil November 13, 2021

Excellent!! Oh my God! Thanks so ooooo much for publishing these series!
Thanks Rabbi! Reply

Meredith Hardee Wernersville October 29, 2021

As a non-Jewish person, love this teacher--a teacher of reality and truth. Not afraid of speaking that which is so difficult to wrestle with.
I'll keep listening. Reply

Gedaliah Goldman 11213 August 23, 2022
in response to Meredith Hardee :

Hey Meredith! The rabbi giving this speech is probably involved in kiruv (bringing Jews back to Judaism) . I also really enjoy this. As a Hasid, this concept comes up a lot in learning. Like you, I just want to hear more and more! Reply

Danielle Branley February 25, 2019

Well, being a woman its a relief not to have to come back. However, I'm pretty sure I have. I love G-d and will do anything to serve Him. I am concerned for my sons however. I do feel I have a Jewish soul. It has always been how I have felt inside. I know many things about Kabbalah without ever have been taught anything. I've already been doing some of it intuitively. I recently did a DNA test and found a line of Rabbis in my mother's family. I was raised Catholic. My family survived the Inquisition but their Jewish identity did not. I am finding words for spiritual things I know from feeling them. Catholicism has never been enough. Judaism explains and answers all my questions. Reply

Rabbi Shmary Brownstein For June 8, 2015

Re: Women and Reincarnation The source for the concept that women do not (usually) undergo reincarnation can be found here, together with its explanation: Reply

Dan Liebenthal May 28, 2015

Yet the soul of a woman does not reincarnate, only those of men (according to the Ari z'l via R' Chaim Vital): Sefer HaGilgulim, chapter 20, section 2 Reply

Andre Ranulfo Rio de Janeiro, Brazil January 8, 2011

Todah Greeetings from Brazil. How important is this work on Because of internet, all this information could be shared here! Reply

Carmen Isabel Flores Velazquez Saltillo, Mexico January 8, 2011

Wonderful Lecture! I really like this class, I learn a lot about it, and it would be wonderful that it can be in spanish, because my mother doesn[t speak english amd it would help her to understand many things, as well it start to realize things. I really like the way that Rabbi Levine speaks to the public. Reply

Anonymous Hollywood, Florida January 5, 2011

This was a wonderful lecture! He takes the torah information and connects it to today's world. This gave me a way to use the information given to understand my purpose in life more. It also helped me understand how to better deal with life's difficult challenges and to look at the broader perspective. Thank you so much for your gift. Reply

Keren Petaluma, CA January 4, 2011

Wow.. ^^^ thank you. Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn, N.Y November 19, 2010

Reincarnation Thank you so much for your unbelievably brilliant and engaging speeches. I already watched the soul of Adam and have almost finished this part. I truly feel that I have gained a lot. You have a special way of delivering a message... Please continue...

It isn't often that I find someone very engaging. Reply

Rabbi Yisroel Levine Agoura Hills, CA November 10, 2010

JOB Great Question

In the Talmud (Baba Batra 15a-b) there are different opinions when Job lived:

1. During the lifetime of Jacob.

2. During Moses' lifetime (in fact, according to this opinion Moses authored the Book of Job). Some say he was one of Pharaoh’s advisors, together with Jethro and Balaam.

3. During the Era of the Judges.

4. During the reign of Solomon.

5. During the reign of Nebuchadnezzar.

6. During the reign of Ahasuerus and Esther.

7. At the onset of the Second Temple period.

8. There is even an opinion that Job never physically lived at all; rather the Book of Job is a parable which is meant to teach us about suffering and its meaning.

Obviously, it's according to some opinions. Reply

Anonymous Lagrange November 10, 2010

Job I thought Job existed before Pharaoh in Egypt? Am I incorrect with the timeline events? Reply

baruch epstein chicago, IL October 26, 2010

Loved It Hey Yisroel this was great! I watched and watched Reply

Deba E Bellevue, WA October 22, 2010

Rabbi Yisroel Levine Thank you so much for the inspiring class you gave. I will be looking forward to your future teachings. Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn, NY October 18, 2010

Question When you talk about souls that have done something in the past in different bodies. Is there a difference b/w Jewish soul and not Jewish soul and also what happens when a person becomes a Jew by converting, does his soul also comes with a baggage? Reply

Anonymous October 17, 2010

Thank you from a Noahide Thank you Chabad and Rabbi Yisroel Levine. I enjoyed this and really motivates me work on my life and path. May G-d bless and helps us all! Reply

Rabbi Yisroel Levine Agoura Hills, CA October 13, 2010

G-d's Love and Kindness Firstly, thank you for your questions and comments.

In response to some of the questions:

1) G-d doesn't "need" anything - He is true Infinity. The perspective given (by Torah) is meant for us. This is how G-d wants us to perceive His Will (Vision) in creating the world.

2) The fulfillment of G-d's Will of extending kindness has not yet been realized. The Messianic time period will express the original plan.

3) It is only through this world, where we are challenged and experience hardships, that can fulfill G-d's Will of the world being recipient of His Kindness. If you ask Why? read #4.

4) All the "WHY" questions that we all have, will be answered when Moshiach comes. As I mentioned in the class, challenging G-d is commendable, as long as we are standing on a solid foundation of faith.

Wishing you only "revealed" goodness. Reply

Anonymous Toronto, ON/ Canada October 13, 2010

Journey of the soul:Part 1 Very interesting lecture and delivered very eloquently. However, I am still unsatisfied with your explanation that God created all this universe because he "had a need to share his kindness, love etc.. with his creation". If God is God and contains all the attributes that you mentioned and possibly other attributes that we can't even fathom. My point is does god really "need" anything at all? My question "Why all this creation and our existence" still remains. Is it just a game for God?, because it is not a game for me. Reply