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The Spiritual Dimension of Death and the Afterlife

With Honor and Dignity - Part 3


Death and the Afterlife - Part 3: With Honor and Dignity - Part 3

This is the final class of a three-part series titled ‘With Honor & Dignity” explaining the spiritual dimension of death and the afterlife, body and soul.
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Loss, Mourning & Consolation, Death

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Pamela Dover, NH August 22, 2019

Death of a loved one and the afterlife I am not a very religious person but, I became more close to understanding Judaism and realizing how much my faith could do for me, until I listened to you. My Mother died this past week, your words have put my heart and soul at ease. Thank you. Reply

Chana Calabasas January 25, 2018

You have grown up so much since I last saw you. You are an incredible, INCREDIBLE Rabbi. Reply

Anonymous via chabadofalabama.com June 11, 2015

I can not understand how it can be that everything is forgivable.Are you saying that even people who committed horrible crimes are forgivable too? Reply

Rabbi Yisroel Levine July 5, 2011

G-dly soul the same as spirit? Thank you for your question/comment. The word "spirit" is a vague word to describe G-d's animating life-force within everything. When we talk about a G-dly soul, we speak specifically about the G-dly spirit within the human being. As Rabbi Isaac Luria teaches us that even a stone has a spirit that keeps it alive. When using the word spirit, we can also refer to the G-dly force that drives us towards negativity. The term G-dly Soul is that G-dly spirit that seeks spirituality and G-dliness in our lives. Reply

Anonymous Oslo, Norway July 3, 2011

G-dly soul the same as spirit? To me many new things or maybe just different definitions of words. One of them: I thought we have body, soul and spirit, and that the spirit is the part that is the image of G-d, since, as I`ve understood g-d is not flesh but spirit, isnt that so? Maybe it is an other defenition of the words and that when you say G-dly soul, it is what I call spirit so in fact we mean the same? Reply

Anonymous Mountains, OZ January 3, 2011

oh my... THANKYOU RABBI !!!!!

there is hardly an atom on my Earth that that enterprets this to mean that my physical body is to stop its breath while raising itself in the in heavens.

I recline for Him tody! Peace be with you, ALL Reply

Anonymous Carson City, Nevada August 25, 2010

Daughters Death Thank you so much for this message. My daughter passed away last week and your teaching has helped me so very much I can't even put it into words.
I am not Jewish but I love the Jewish people. Reply

Joel McClain Marengo June 28, 2019
in response to Anonymous:

Yes, she is home now May you be blessed. Your beautiful, beloved child is home, in the light of eternal love. The Jewish woman, now gone from this Earth, the great love of my life, is there to welcome her. Reply

jane de vries paramus, nj May 20, 2010

death and the afterlife this is great stuff. you need to go mainstream so that people don't think that all there is to judaism is what Hollywood says. Reply

Anonymous san antonio, tx via chabadsa.com April 6, 2010

I loved this message I am not Jewish but this message answered alot of questions that I had and gave me so much clarity about life as we live it and life after death and also our purpose on this earth. It was powerful.

Kayo Tokyo, Japan March 16, 2010

wonderful It was such a wonderful spiritual shiur.
Todah Rabah Reply

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