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Israel is not just our land. She is our mother.

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Listen World: Israel is not just our land. She is our mother.

If we are the soul, she is our body. If we are the children, she is our mother.
Aliyah, Israel

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Tzvi Freeman April 27, 2013

To Pakistan, with love Hi Anonymous, we love you too! Reply

Anonymous Pakistan April 26, 2013

God Bless You Shalom from Pakistan.! Reply

Donna Stern-Ritch Gulf Shores, Alabama April 26, 2012

Touched My Heart Beautiful words spoken, beautiful video. I feel a real connection to Israel, for she has my Soul and I will Love her Forever. Wish to go see her someday, my True Home, where I would be returning. Reply

CK Oroville, WA April 25, 2012

Oh my. . . So very beautiful. I pray to return some day. Reply

Chayim April 25, 2012

Thanks Tzvi Tzvi,
Thank Great Job.
Hope to see you soon in Jerusalem and help with the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple. Reply

GL Cathedral City, CA, USA April 25, 2012

Inspiring Your film was so beautiful, evoking a feeling of mysticism and glory. I so want to move to Israel it hurts! Reply

elisheva kosmerl stroudsburg, pa/usa May 17, 2011

B'H' Your presentation speaks not only to my heart but to my soul. I have always felt a strong draw to the land of Israel and since my visit there, I feel like it is my home, and I will not feel at peace till I return. I buried a heart on the Mount of Olives overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem. Someday soon I'll return to get it and make my home there for good. May HaShem make it so. Thank-you for all your words of inspiration, I quote you a lot on my blog. I posted this video there as well. Reply

Aliza Tovah January 7, 2009

Toda Thank you! This is so beautiful. May we all merit the arrival of the Mashiach very soon and see the glory of Zion again. Reply

Anonymous Israel November 2, 2008

Thank you! Wow! Thank you soo much for this beautiful, inspiring, heartwarming video! Reply

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