15 Seconds

Sderot Under Attack

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15 Seconds: Sderot Under Attack

Life in Sderot: At any given moment, you have only fifteen seconds to find cover from rockets launched from Gaza. Would any western democracy tolerate this reality in their cities?
Kassam Rocket Attacks, Terrorism in Israel, Israel

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Anonymous June 1, 2016

and children live in schools? Reply

Anonymous February 8, 2016

look it up please look up on chabad.org debunking the myths of arab isreali conflict Reply

Anonymous Cherry Hill, NJ October 8, 2009

I saw a video like this that my friends sent me from Aish. Very sad that people need to live like this. I actually read an article a little while ago that related to this in my classes at school. May G-d put a stop to this as soon as possible. Reply

D A Levit LB, CA/US February 22, 2009

We are all in this together We are all in this together - Jews and non-Jews, Israeli, American, European, African, et al. The cause is freedom, and Right, and most importantly for G-d's will for His people to live in peace, raise their children safely, in the land our fathers and forefathers settled, in some cases (Abraham, David and Jacob) purchased, and have always owned, by edict of Hashem! How can Americans sit back and judge, when we were attacked by Saudi Arabs right here in this country? How can so many try so hard to force the Hammas ideals onto a people who have also been attacked by factions of Islam? Every time an Israeli Jew falls, one of us must replace him - plus more, until the arab world knows that Jews will NEVER give up what is ours by birthright, and by the will of G-d! When do we stand up?!
Must more Jewish children die in Israel? How many more before we stand up? When is it time to answer? The time is now!
The time is now Reply

Tina D. January 14, 2009

Got it Ok about the link....I will try to locate this website using the info you gave. After viewing it Ill post....talk to you soon Reply

linda bexhill on sea, england January 14, 2009

Hate This video should be shown all over the world to get the truth across. When will it ever end, I think not to the muslims have wiped Israel off the face of the earth. Remember God will have the victory and he will protect Israel as it says in the Bible Reply

Anonymous Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia January 13, 2009

Tina, Thank you Reply

Basha Leah Lakewood, NJ January 13, 2009

Tina I am happy you are willing to consider I am glad you are willing to see this multimedia presentationt, but now, I just tried posting with the link typed in and recieved an invalid post error. So I am going to describe 2 ways to get there. one way is to type in aish.com and in the on site search at the upper left corner type in what really happened in the middle east or probably the easier way is to type in terrorismawareness.org then look down the page and select What Really Happened in the Middle East. I believe that we both want peace and joy for everyone, but baseless hatred does exist in this world and it is one of the greatest, if not the greatest destroyers of mankind. Together with you and all people of good faith I look forward to seeing the open hand of G-d bringing this and all conflicts to a speedy end. Reply

Tina D. January 13, 2009

Basha, Leah Im open to research Yes I definately like to find the truth for myself firsthand. I would appreciate the information on the presentation so I am able to view them. Afterall I owe it to myself to review both sides of the fence so to speak. All in the news I see these poor children from Palestine being hurt and I do see a lot of bashing of Muslims in general. Possible I may have been one sided but you are the only one to present FACTUAL info from the Isreali perspective. Please dont get me wrong I do not wish harm to Isreal I just want this senseless killing to stop and if my voice is the only way I can help then let it be heard.Looking forward to your posting. Reply

Anonymous Paris, France January 13, 2009

"15 seconds" Why don't we ever see this kind of document on French TV?
very dark jewish humor: It would make an excellent publicity for NIKE. Reply

Basha Leah Lakewood, NJ January 13, 2009

It is not fair to blame everyone Though I believe that what is being done to Israel both with weapons and words is wrong and evil I have to agree with your point that you can not put everyone in the same category if one or more members of a group what ever it be think, speak, or act in a certian way. That is sterotyping and it is unfair. Tina would you be interested in researching the history of the Israeli Palestian conflict? If you are I can respond with a link to a site that provides key issues within a ten minute time frame and in a multimedia presentation. You could then research the facts presented quickly and clearly to check out their validity. You seem like a seeker of truth and justice. Let me know on this Post a Comment. Reply

Tina D. January 13, 2009

Response To classify ALL Muslims as terrorists is absurd. The claims you make -are you sure ALL Muslims follow? Have you ever read the Quran or read about the basic beliefs of Islam? The key point is everyone is quick to become fearful & generalize just because some people who are extremely misguided. Is that fair to the millions of Muslims who do right everyday and face discrimination for actions of others. There is no excuse for ignorance. Pick up a book at the local library youd be surprised how the teachings are contrary to what certain select groups who call themselves Muslims portray.And a point I must state is that there are terrorists in every religion. Christians who bomb abortion clinics.And did you not see the Jew on Dateline a Rabbi no less trying to initiate sex with a minor boy? My point is simply this...there are members of every religion who disgrace, and distort it. This does not mean that all people who belong to that faith are corrupt as well. Reply

Anonymous london, uk January 13, 2009

anti semitism and memory loss It seems to me that there's a strong correlation between anti-semitism and memory loss. Have the incidents of 9/11, 7/7, Glasgow, Mumbai and all those before them already been forgotten? People inciting this type of violence and hatred are not Jews, Christians, Hindus, Bhuddists or others. They're only Muslims, simple as that and whether you want to admit to it or not. These are the kind of people Israel has had to deal with on a daily basis! It's a matter of life or death for the State of Israel and, thank G-D, it has chosen life. It must do anything it can to deal with this kind of violence and terror, including destroy schools and hospitals being used to store arms and launch rockets. With a mentality of martyrdom and sending children to suicide missions, since when are the Palestinians so concerned about civilian casualty?! Give me a break, please! Reply

Tina D. January 13, 2009

Just calling it like I see it If it is as you claim where is the proof to back it up. Anyone can say something yet truly do the oppiosite.So as for completely informing the people of Gaza Im not really sure this happens 100% of the time,afterall this is a war not a friendly game of chess. Ok for arguments sake..lets say these people are warned all the time..how many of these people actually have the resources to relocate or seek adequate shelter? Probabally not that many, right. So what purpose does it serve? Isreal still intends to drop bombs So I ask you how is it any different from Gaza and Isreal. Except that the people in Gaza know its coming and cant do anything about it. What I can say is that the images I see from international news stations is images of children with their heads blown off,unarmed civillians taking their last breath,schools and religious buildings destroyed. Where's the actual dead terrorists? Some say Hammas hides in schools is it right to blow them up w/children inside??Honestly....... Reply

Baruch Yohanan Vancouver BC, Canada January 13, 2009

Jihad has many names Al Quaida, Hammas, Hezbollah, Janjaweeds, Mujaheddin... All the same goal, all involved in murdering all over the world for the victory of that devilishly hateful "religion". G-g allows this whip to the world to wake up. To make teshuvah. To recognize what is evil and what is good, loving, peaceful. If not, soon or later, they are going to slit your throat. Reply

Pearl K. Honolulu, HI via chabadofhawaii.com January 13, 2009

to : "Thoughts from an American" Hamas are terrorists hiding behind innocent women, children and the sick ( documented hiding weaponry/ rocket launchers in the UN school and in HOSPITALS!!). then, they turn around and cry to the world that Israel is bombing women and children. Hamas has targeted INNOCENT CIVILIANS DELIBERATELY, using the Gaza territory that Israel handed over to the Palestinians (in the delusional hope of "peace") as a launching pad for over 6000 rockets, which it shot daily into civilian areas in Israel. Hamas deliberately targets civilians, hiding their terrorist operations behind their own innocents. Israel targets military targets and attempts to spare civilians - the OPPOSITE behavior of the murderous Hamas terrorists. Those are the FACTS! If you are open to seeing the facts as they are, you'll understand that the war being fought now is a DEFENSIVE war on Israel's part which, had it never relinquished Gaza, would have never been necessary. Reply

M. Greenberg January 12, 2009

To Tina D. 3 3. Obviously it is very sad when civilians die. I do think that it is important to take into account that Hamas is a democratically elected government. Meaning that the people of Gaza voted in a government whose declared goal is to wipe out the Jewish nation, never to recognize Israel, to send Jews back to the ovens.

4. You mention breeding hate into children.
Search Hamas children on youtube. I gathered some links but I can't post them. But no worries, it is very easy to find them on your own. Reply

M. Greenberg January 12, 2009

To Tina D. 2 2. You say that Israel should be fair and just when attacking civilian areas. If Hamas did not hide in, store all weapons in, and completely dig into civilian areas (and yes schools and mosques too. You can actually see footage online of the IAF bombing schools and mosques and the secondary explosions caused by all the explosives stored there.), then Israel would not have to attack them there. Hamas chose this battleground. Do you know why? To get the sympathy of people like you. (and they don't care about the women and children who die in the process, after all they value death more than life, and teach theirs kids that...)
I can't post links here but check the idf channel on youtube. You may be surprised. Reply

M. Greenberg January 12, 2009

To Tina D. Here are some facts- to match yours.

1. Israel has been attacking Gaza for about 3 weeks. They have hit over 2200 targets. They have killed about 950 people. About 750 of those were confirmed terrorists. If their aim is to kill as many civilians as possible they are doing a terrible job of it. (and with such a powerful military, you'd wonder why they wouldn't be more efficient.) Reply

Aaron USA January 12, 2009

Reply to Tina Before Hamas fires into Sderot and Ashkelon, do you ever recall them dropping leaflets telling them to take cover away from their intended rocket path? Do you ever recall Hamas calling JEWS on the phone in the same area and telling them their intentions? Nope, me either, however Israel does this to surrounding homes, apartment buildings and mosques to minimize colateral damage.
This is a fight to protect Israel, not to kill Muslims. This is a fight to kill those who seek to kill us first.

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