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Hebron: City of the Patriarchs

The holy cities of Israel

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Hebron: The holy cities of Israel

Hebron, one of the four “holy cities” in Israel, lies at the center of Biblical Judea. Learn more about “The City of the Patriarchs.”
Cave of Machpelah, Hebron, Israel

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Johnson Kanduri Hyderabad August 21, 2016

God so loved Israel Very good and holy land Reply

Yehuda Shurpin for September 18, 2014

Re: 400 silver coins not gold coins Indeed, you are correct that it was silver not gold. Additionally, it wasn't actually coins, rather it went by weight i.e. 400 silver Shekalim, See Genesis 23:16. Unfortunately, due to corrections cannot be made to this video at this time. Reply

Noah February 6, 2014

Hebron God Bless you & your people, it's very use full for bible study. Reply

Geraldine Murphy December 20, 2013

Hebron City of the Patriarchs I have just viewed the Hebron link many thanks G-d bless Israel and the Jewish people. It is very beautiful.

CJ Namibia December 19, 2013

the jews people and their cultures This is a great pic as it give me a bit of what I want to know about the Jews people and their culture as they are the chosen people of God. and I want to know more about Israel and its people Reply

Geraldine Murphy April 26, 2012

It is a beautiful video Hebron is very nice. May you continue to expand and prosper.

Ireland Reply

Georgia chicago, IL November 16, 2011

Beautiful and educational videos that serve a purpose. thank you for having this website. Israel is and always will be a country filled with rich and vast history of the land, people, and biblical studies. Always speak the truth and the rightousness . Reply

bev lancaster, ny May 13, 2010

land this is great, it helps me to know more where and what the places of the bible look like and what is going on. thanks, this is great . Reply

Anonymous RBSA, Israel August 9, 2009

400 silver coins not gold coins 400 silver coins not gold coins Reply

Anonymous istanbul, Turkey via June 2, 2008

Thanks a lot .. Thanks a lot these unique videos, we love Yisrael, our country... Reply

Anonymous hong kong, china February 16, 2008

hebron video thank you for being such a wonderful educational resource, may you go from strength to strength Reply

Anonymous January 8, 2008

Maps Why do the maps in the video show some parts of Israel in a different color from the others? It's one land, the maps should reflect this! Reply

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