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The History and Holiness of Hebron

Why this ancient Jewish city is so special

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The History and Holiness of Hebron: Why this ancient Jewish city is so special

Explore Chevron’s extraordinary Jewish history beginning with the purchasing of a burial plot for our matriarch Sarah. The fascinating historical details of Jewish life in this city for nearly four millennia will be accompanied by the mystical Jewish teachings about the unique and unparalleled holiness this ancient Jewish city holds.
Hebron, Israel

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Galit - Jennifer Chantrill Adelaide, Australia July 24, 2014

Hevron the Heart Thank you Rabbi Kaplan for this wonderful enlightenment about the meaning of Hevron. Reply

Anonymous Brasilia July 17, 2014

I don't think people who live there will be happy with this idea. Reply

Chava Stratford July 16, 2014

Questions from audience Would you please repeat the questions or comments made by your audience so we know to what you are responding?
Toda raba.
Chava Reply

Sara G. Sudbury, MA July 16, 2014

The heart has FOUR chambers, right? And four tubes exiting/entering.
I think you are "spot on" with the analysis of Chevron being the "lev".
Thank you for yet another wonderful lesson.
I was writing this just as one of your students made the same point!!! Reply

Anonymous July 13, 2014

The Place The L-RD Makes His Name Dwell? I thought "the place that the L-RD your G-d will choose, to make his name dwell there" [Dt 12:11] meant "at any point in time, variously, among the tribes"--"I will walk among you" [Lv 26:12]--which is why it would say, "IF that place He chooses is too far from where you are" (sometimes it would be too far; other times, not) [Dt 12:21]?
Such that when David came up with the idea he would build a "House" for G-d, that it was not necessarily G-d's perfect will--that He consented by way of concession [2 Sa 7]? Reply

Chavah Kwiatkowska Latvia July 10, 2014

Both the historical facts and the chassidic teachings about Jerusalem and Hebron are very interesting. Dear Rabbi Kaplan, thank you very much for this class! Reply

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