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Faithful and Fortified

Defense and Intelligence

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Faithful and Fortified: Defense and Intelligence

The inside story of the Rebbe’s involvement in Israel’s security, as told by its defense and government leaders.
Lubavitcher Rebbe, Israel Defense Force, Arab-Israeli Conflict, Israel

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Neil New York December 18, 2020

Thank you so much. Shabbat shalom. Reply

Anonymous July 6, 2016

HaShem bless Reply

Mr. Jonathan Kahura via October 27, 2010

Amazing... Was nice to see a brief glimpse of Golda Meyer...and the respect this man has is so overwhelmingly powerful and a voice to reckon with. He is right to say Israel should make her own decisions rather than wait for american permission.
Great vid clip. Reply

Yehudit Bulgaria December 1, 2009

right A Jew has not the right to kill a Jew for no reason - even for the idea of survival. Reply

Michal Evenari Passau, Germany November 25, 2009

The Rebbe stands at Israels side I am deeply impressed by everything the Rebbe knew tens of years before it happened in reality. He is unwavering in what he thinks and knows. He seems to be a prophet. I have never seen something like that.

A pity that I will not be able to stand once in front of him.
But in Olam Habah I will see him and I would like that I could get one of the smiles he gave to all who spoke with him.

I did not know anything about him, did not know he exists at all. And never did I know that there existed such a great Rav in USA
who stood at Israel's side.

But what I love most about him, is the fact, that for him not only the observant Jews counted, but all Jews were G-d's children.


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