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Should Washington Dictate to Jerusalem?

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Should Washington Dictate to Jerusalem?

A short excerpt from the JEM video "Faithful & Fortified: The inside story of the Rebbe’s involvement in Israel’s security, as told by its defense and government leaders"

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Hanna Kalmar, Norge March 28, 2010

Israel and USA Few nation states can live in isolation and autonomy. Israel has strategic trade relationships and partnerships with its neighbors and other allies based on mutual benefit and trust. When the mutual interest or trust is perceived as deteriorating, countries may choose to disolve their parnerships. No country should tolerate interference in internal affairs, but a high number of alienated relationships weaken any country. When policy differences are of substance and of vital interest, this is unavoidable, but in cases where unecessary damage is caused by mode of delivery, this is irresponsible statesmanship because it risks its future vital interests unecessarily. Reply

chana Givat Zeev, Israel March 23, 2010

Can't tell you how comforting this is we're feeling so beleagurered here - I live five minutes outside Jerusalem, walls everywhere, building has stopped, everyone fearful about what those pompous leaders in New York are saying.
How I wish they would remember that "he who blesses Israel shall be blessed." Those who persecuted the Jews, even in this last century, in WW II, lost 30 million (the Russians) and 11 million (the Germans) and even the Americans who abandoned the Jews to their fate, discovered that their own fate was interlinked with them and lost 250,000 young soldiers, who would have had millions of children and grandchildren.
Oy, when will they learn?
Moshiach NOW Reply

Anonymous Washington DC, USA March 21, 2010

Standing Alone Israel needs US support to keep many critics (including the UN) off its back. It's much better for Israel to keep the US on its good side.

More importantly, Israel benefits from US taxpayer dollars. I think it's fully acceptable for the US to then have a voice as to how the recipient of those funds chooses to spend money. If Israel really wants to be fully autonomous, then it should balance its budget with its own taxdollars alone. Reply

Rachel Abuja, Nigeria March 19, 2010

HE HAS NO RIGHT TO DICTATE TO ISRAEL They are wasting their time to be talking of sharing the land, both the Washington and Palestinians know it is not possible and can never be.
G-d will not spare anyone who want to divide the land of Israel, especially Jerusalem.
Please tell the leaders not to give away the land because a lot of us are outside. We even need more land.
It is written and cannot be changed, all the lands belong to Israel. They should be talking of evacuating them out of the land. Reply

Bart Downey Fresno, Ca. / USA March 19, 2010

Blessings to Israel It is a shame that President Obama and his cronies wish to pressure Israel and make demands that are not their business and the USA, especially the Obama administration needs to keep their collective noses out of others'
business. Israel is a separate and independent Nation and the USA needs to stop harassing Israel. Do not invite these obamaites to ever visit your wonderful and blessed country.

Remain free and be true to the commadments of G-d. You are truly blessed and most of us in the USA are for you and we do pray for you. Do not allow these misinformed politicians to dictate what is your policies.

NOTE: Fresno, California, where I live, is the 'Sister City' with Afula, Israel Reply

sam March 18, 2010

NO! NO! Israel is the home of the Jewish people thats how it is was and will be and Washington has NO RIGHT to tell any Israeli prime minister what to do. Reply

MAGGIE OHIO, U.S.A. March 17, 2010

Washington needs to Shut -up No one has the right to tell Israel what to do!!! The land of Israel was given to the Jewish people by G-d Himself. And NO ONE, on this entire planet, has more authority than the G-d of Israel (who is the ONLY true and real G-d).

The United States needs to mind their own business and learn how to solve their own problems in their own country, instead of trying to tell everyone in Israel how to live.

Please Israel, DON'T listen to the leaders in Washington. Don't even invite them to Israel. They are too blind to see the truth.

Just rely on the G-d of Israel, He will help you.
G-d bless Israel. Reply

Anonymous Tsfat, Israel March 17, 2010

Comment for Isabel Please be better informed historically before writing "the diaspora of the Palestinians, that is much like our own diaspora." Read: "From Time Immemorial" by Joan Peters for example. You'll be very surprised. Since the Arab world fights the authenticity of the facts in this book, it is called "controversial". It is merely factual and truthful, which makes it politically incorrect in the world of 2010. Reply

Isabel Singer March 16, 2010

The state of Israel The nation-state of Israel is very different from messianic Israel of the Torah and the biblical Israel of the Torah. As modern nations the rule of thumb seems to be that national law is the will of the stronger nation imposed on the weaker. Do I agree with this, no. Does it apply to the relationship btwn the US and Israel, of course. However, it also applies to Israel's relations with Palestinians. The weaker Palestinians do not have the same political pull because Israel is stronger then them and because the US usually sides with Israel. Israel of the bible belongs to us Jews, and we as a nation have a right to a modern nation state. But, we also have to recognize the diaspora of the Palestinians, that is much like our own diaspora. I believe that we have a right to our land, but they do too. It is only right that we share that land for peace and humanity and when the messiah comes, it will be recognized by all as truly ours Reply

Lorenzo Avelar Pomona, California March 16, 2010

should washington dictate to Jerusalem the answer is NO, Washington should limit itself to backing up decisions made by the Israeli leadership. I am a Mexican/American U.S. citizen, and even if our leadership fails to back up Israel because of political games being played by the Obama administration, Israelis should feel confident that the majority of American Christians fully support Israel on any decisions they make that are in line with the word of G-d and fulfill scriptures. Reply

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