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How to Look at the Land

Reflections of an Israeli Military Chaplain

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How to Look at the Land: Reflections of an Israeli Military Chaplain

What does it mean to see the Land of Israel "through the eyes of a Rabbi Akiva?"
Israel Defense Force, Israel, Akiba ben Joseph

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Anonymous EL PASO August 1, 2014

sound and light It's difficult for older people like me to follow because the lights seem to go off and on and the sound does the same. But good stuff if you can hear it. Reply

Orjiakor Eric Ofordile Enugu State, Nigeria December 1, 2011

They are at least 10 arab countries in the middle east for Palestinian peolpe.
Above all Palestine is part of Jordan, those at Gaza should move to a place like Amman.
Compromising territory creates more problem than peace.
The world is big enogh for everyone. Reply

Avraham Plainview, NY December 20, 2010

The Israeli Policeman Gives us MORE Israelis like the policeman for the true redemption and belief in the coming of Moshiach, very soon!

Thank you for teliling this very important and moving idea. Reply

Susan Bernstein port saint lucie, florida August 26, 2010

IDF you have inspired me to study harder.
Shalom, Reply

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