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G-d's Names

Letters and Numbers of Torah - Shelach

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G-d's Names: Letters and Numbers of Torah - Shelach

When G-d wants to punish the people for believing the evil report of the spies, Moses pleads,"Now, please, let the strength of the Lord be increased." (Numbers 14:17) On a mystical level, Moses is asking that G-d express Himself through the Divine Name that is spelled aleph-daled-nun-yud and which represents the power of divinity that is hidden in nature.
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Anonymous Anywhere But Here. April 3, 2014

Thank you Rabbi for your illuminating comments.

Do you think that Moshiach will be known to governments as One who literally has some types of abilities that literally defy the 'laws' of physics? I believe so. That should be enough to prove to the nations/governments that he is Moshiach ben Dovid.

Also, my second question is in regards to a name of G-D. I once came across a prayer written by Rabbi Yishmaeli in which the writer of the prayer uses the name AKATRIKEL. Do you know the translation or meanings of the great name AKATRIKEL?

I very much appreciate it if you could answer me Rabbi.

Shalom! Reply

Hildenberg Brazil June 3, 2013

Shalom Dear Rabbi

Thank you for teaching the Torah

Shalom Reply

Rabbi Aaron L. Raskin June 18, 2012

Baal haturim Dear Shmuel,

I appreciate your thoughts based on the Baal Haturiim which are beautiful.
However, my objective is to teach the chassidic insight and thus the conclusion is that the yud represents the Yid.

With respect and appreciation, Reply

Gregorio Nosovsky FL June 17, 2012

G-ds Names Dear Rabbi
Thank you for teaching the Torah with such a passion and knowledge.
Shalom Reply

Shmuel Shimshoni Hadera, Israel June 14, 2012

The enlarged YUD in BAMIDBAR 14:17 In my studies I've found that, based upon the commentary of Baál HaTurim - the enlarged YUD represents the ten tests that Avraham passed, as a prerequisite to the the 10 tests that the Jews would be up against in the future, helping them to succeed. One of them was to be the trip to search out the land of Israel.
But because TEN, a quorum of Jews returned with a negative (wouldn't say EVIL) report - their number negated the support that was to have been assured by Avraham ahead of their time..
I would appreciate any comments about this approach.
Thank you
Shmuel Reply

Eugina G Herrera New York, New York June 13, 2012

G-d wants to punish Human being as we are, we are with G-d in one communication with one Holy tongue. G-d wants to punish the people not just for believing the evil report, but for planting the "Seed" that poisoned the minds of many shepherds, Judaism and the World. Reply

Anonymous San Antonio, Texas June 13, 2012

larger or higher "yud" What is the Bible Reference? Reply

Rabbi Raskin looks at the hidden meanings of the sizes and numerical values (gematria) of the Hebrew letters in the weekly Torah portion.
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