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The Mitzvah of Having Guests

Letters and Numbers of Torah - Vayeira

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The Mitzvah of Having Guests: Letters and Numbers of Torah - Vayeira

On what basis did Abraham and Sarah merit to have a child in their old age? Many answers are hinted to in the word "where" in the angels' question to Abraham (Genesis 18:9) "Where is your wife Sarah?"
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Parshah, Vayeira

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Joan S. Clark Westerville, OH - USA January 4, 2012

Communication = Change What can we learn? I listen wanting to grow in spirituality. With poverty, it seems tougher to do. I am hearing that a host should contemplate ways to provide the most in ways of comfort / safety to guests in their home. And how? to think How are you? Place something in their hands.(providing food, medicine, safety -maybe rest) meeting any needs. So what can I walk away with from this message? To always provide at least one comfort to those entering my door, maybe food and drink or just the question How are you...and closely listening and watching (body movement-expression) a response. Also to invite people who believe inside the home, and to always care for those of different value systems - externally. ..especially the beggar I've seen at intersections-maybe a "carepack" thats planned :) rather than money Thanks! Reply

Worthygirl arima, trinidad November 15, 2011

Thanks Thank you for putting light on my thoughts,I have always opened my home to guest,so maybe soon I will be able to have a child for my husband. Reply

Leah Lapidus cleve, OH November 11, 2011

Thank you Thank you. Reply

Sherri Venokur Brooklyn, NY November 10, 2011

Rabbi Raskin's teaching on Vayeira Thank you Rabbi Raskin for a beautiful shiur! I can't wait until my dining room table and chairs arrive and I can again fulfill the mitzvah of having shabbos guests! Reply

Rabbi Raskin looks at the hidden meanings of the sizes and numerical values (gematria) of the Hebrew letters in the weekly Torah portion.
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