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Was Aaron a Levite?

Letters and Numbers of Torah - Bamidbar

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Was Aaron a Levite?: Letters and Numbers of Torah - Bamidbar

After the general census of the Jewish people, Moses takes a separate census of the tribe of Levi, including the family of Aaron the high priest. In the verse (Numbers 3:39) “All the countings of the Levites that Moses and Aaron counted,” the word “ve-Aharon” (and Aaron) has five dots above it. One explanation of these dots is that they tell us that Aaron himself was not counted in the census of the rest of his tribe. What makes Aaron unique?
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Mariko Cummings Batavia May 14, 2021

In the Book of Numbers, Levi's 3 sons' families listed adds up to 22,300 (7,500+ 8,600+ 6,200) people altogether, But the end of that chapter, it is said Levi Census 22,000 people. Why the 300 difference? Reply

Rabbi Raskin Bklyn hts June 16, 2016

Lando Dear Lando,
You are correct it should have said blood.
Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Reply

Jorge Qro. Mexico June 12, 2016

Today's the final day of Shavuot. It's always good to have access to a Rabbi bringing us some knowledge about this holiday. B"H. Reply

Lando Stillwater, MN June 9, 2016

Nile to Water? At the 3:39 mark, the speaker states that Aaron turns "turned the Nile to water. I read that different. Reply

M. Diane Flushing, NY June 6, 2016

Inspiring and Motivating! "Access the genes." Since tribal affiliation is connected to our genetics, and since there does not seem to be any requirement that a specific amount/percentage of that genetic 'stuff' to be present in the individual, isn't it is possible that on the day the Levites are identified, whoever handles the identification and sorting of the scattered and/or superficially unrecognizable Levites will use some kind of genetic sifting system to discern who is in the pool of souls eligible for further scrutiny to see if they are acceptable to "take" their inheritance? Why would our L-rd arrange it so that the identification of Levites only happens when Moshiach comes? Maybe because most of us would balk at who will be identified if G-d is not right there to 'correct' those who aren't accepting? Or maybe peace reigns in all hearts by then. Why isn't it easy to id Levites? Maybe they & parents (mother for religion & father for tribe) don't appear or self-id as Jews? I hope this is not too off-topic. Reply

יעקב קלי Topeka May 20, 2016

Aaron ב"ה. Aaron on Aaron? Reply

Anonymous toronto April 19, 2014

Levite If the census has not taken Aaron as a Levite. Then he was not a Levite. But Aaron was on a league of his own because he could stand on his own.He was blameless before God that is why he had such a standing. Reply

James cooley Kansas city, Kansas-usa May 24, 2012

Number 3 You speak tottaly fascinating, and am actually overloaded with info-( Great!!)-Good ! to see your video today!! Reply

Rabbi Raskin looks at the hidden meanings of the sizes and numerical values (gematria) of the Hebrew letters in the weekly Torah portion.
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