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Spiritual Maidenhood

Letters and Numbers of Torah - Ki-Teitzei

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Spiritual Maidenhood: Letters and Numbers of Torah - Ki-Teitzei

Several explanations of why the Hebrew word "naara" (young girl) is spelled differently than it is pronounced thirteen out of the fourteen times it appears in a single Torah portion.
Ki Teitzei  
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Elul, Parshah, Ki Teitzei

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Leah September 15, 2016

On second thought I just wanted to correct my previous comment. After a bit of online research and help from Rabbi Raskin as well, I found "egoz" really refers to nuts in general and is not specific to walnuts so I guess it is best to avoid all nuts on Rosh Hashana. Wishing everyone a healthy happy new year! Reply

Leah September 15, 2016

Awesome. Thank you for this amazing lecture.
I just want to clarify I think "egoz" or "egozim" refers to walnuts if I am not mistaken and that there is a different hebrew word and therefore a different gematria for almonds, which might be okay to eat on Rosh Hashanah. :) Reply

Leora Florida August 14, 2013

Letting Hashem Enter Us vs Being Foolish Thank you!!! ~ The message in this video is greatly helpful for preparing and living through the month of Elul, so that we can best connect with Hashem. It's great how you explain that right now, Hashem is in the field this month, and receives every one of us with a happy countenance and a smiley face. Even if we are not so close to Hashem, this is our opportunity to see Hashem the King. May this month inspire a greater teshuvah. A year of greater mitzvot. Thank you Rabbi Aaron L. Raskin for sharing these insights of the soul , as well as sharing the words of the Rebbe, may his memory be a blessing to us all. Reply

Lareny Houston September 11, 2011

Please clarify Why you focus on possibility for 3 year old girl to be married and be in relationship with her husband? Is there difference between foolish and immature? What was your point when you state that from G-d's perspective Jewish people can be consider like 3 year old girl? For Infinite G-d 3 years old is equally undistinguishable as 20 or 100.
Thank you! Reply

Pauline Lakewood, WA September 9, 2011

Ki Teitzei I really enjoyed the information, clarification, accumulation of references, to the application of this journey of this worldly life. Reply

Rabbi Raskin looks at the hidden meanings of the sizes and numerical values (gematria) of the Hebrew letters in the weekly Torah portion.
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