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The Double Letters of Redemption

Letters and Numbers of Torah—Lech Lecha

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The Double Letters of Redemption: Letters and Numbers of Torah—Lech Lecha

G‑d’s command to Abraham to leave his homeland (“lech lecha”) is spelled by repeating the same two letters twice. These double letters hint at a way to access infinity.
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Abraham, Parshah, Lech-Lecha

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David Shandorf January 2, 2021

Powerful lesson! Thank you rabbi! Reply

Rabbi Raskin Bklyn hts January 3, 2021
in response to David Shandorf:

Thank you for watching, please share with others. Reply

Yitzchak Chaim October 22, 2015

In our current time, Hashem is testing our faith within the bounds of life and death. Our "living" is really our limitation within fixed time and space. Our "death" is our path to an infinite heaven. We await the Mashiach Redemption that will destroy the division between life and death in a way we cannot yet imagine.
Now is the time for us to build our faith and push it to new levels. Crushing our fear through faith is critical. Ask yourself what Lech Lecha has been commanded to you and if you obeyed the call or gave into your own will. Would you walk through fire? Would you wander out into a 120 degree desert supplied with only a voice in your head? Would you kill your first born son?
I pray that our Jewish Nation will see past the lies and doubt to merit immediate redemption. Ani maamin Reply

Rabbi Raskin Bklyn hts March 21, 2014

Love it Dear Ruth,

Thanks for your feedback.
This lecture and others are found in my book
By divine design.

Wishing you a happy and kosher Passover Reply

ruth geller USA March 20, 2014

love it!
thanks. Reply

Peter Spiro Stevenson, WA October 13, 2013

Following orders You mentioned the mitzvot are like following orders. A Jew follows the orders of God.

When it says that God created the world with words, is this what is meant? That by following orders we have built the world that God designed?

Is it possible that the double words are the two warnings required before punishment. That is, Abraham was warned once: "go out out of the house of idolatry." And then again: "Go," and an assumed: "And that will be your last warning."

When you say "follow orders" is it possible that you mean yielding one's free will which always seem to get man in trouble anyway.

And when Abraham left his father's house after smashing his father's idols, is there some midrash somewhere that may explain why Abraham did not stay in his father's house and bring faith in the one invisible God to his original homeland? Why travel to Canaan? Is it possible this is the reason for the double word? "Go" from your father's house. "Go," to another homeland. Reply

Anonymous Quebec, QC October 12, 2013

dots Three dots (not two.) Reply

Irene Alhanati Cardillo Rio de Janeiro October 11, 2013

Excellent lesson ! Reply

David Levant Emerson,NJ October 10, 2013

Redemption I watched this twice,and have some thoughts. The words tzaddik and tzadaka start with the same letter. The tzaddik needs little, tzadaka should be greater. Also the word horetz which i think means earth,ends with the longer version of this letter.Maybe if we give more tzadaka we can provide more bread for the world. Due to time constraints,i was unable to learn Hebrew. The "trained" sharks will eventually become hungry,and when they try again they will devour the smaller prey. This is their nature.Also interesting is the word tzadaka,meaning justice and righteousness. G-D repeats these 2.. words in his Torah. Justice,Justice shall you pursue. A final thought as well. G-D had the Jewish people collect a double portion of manna before Shabbos for they were forbidden to work. In the final redemption,some things may be amended. Reply

daniel medina moline,il October 6, 2013

ark of the covenant Rabbi Raskin,sorry to change the numbers 10;35 when the ark set forward moses said rise up Lord and let the enemies be scattered. did the ark go out to clear an area for the ark and tabernacle? was the ark some short of weapon?what do some of the sages or history say? Reply

Anonymous Mesa, Arizona, USA November 13, 2011

The Double Letters of Redemption Wonderful teaching Rabbi Raskin!! I have just learnt today, with your teaching why I am here in this state. Hashem told my soul Lech Lecha. No wonder why I have been through so much just to find out that I am a Jewess!!!
I loved your last story about the Zadik and the Reve. Hope the Zadik did not get drunk with the double portion of wine. Instead got drunk with the Ruach HaKodesh. What an amazing, beautiful story! Rabbi Raskin you made me laugh today. And I thank you from the deepest part of my heart. Reply

Frank morris lawrenceburg, Tennessee November 3, 2011

REDEMPTION Great message, may hashem be praised. Reply

Sherri Venokur brooklyn, NY November 2, 2011

Thank you Rabbi Raskin! I so appreciate the ability to listen to your shiurs in the course of my work day. Your talks are uplifting and thought-provoking, and I can resume work with new energy and spirit. Reply

Leah Lapidus Cleveland, OH November 1, 2011

2 represents Infinity I just wanted to comment on the physical appearance of the letters "lamed" and "final chaf" - which make up the word "lech" or the word "lecha" I found this lecture fascinating for do they not look, these letters, as if they are pointing infinitely in 2 directions, up and down? (Imagine attaching an arrowhead to the end of each letter). It's infinite what we can bring down and maybe infinite how far we can bring it ! Thank You. Reply

Rabbi Raskin looks at the hidden meanings of the sizes and numerical values (gematria) of the Hebrew letters in the weekly Torah portion.
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