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Esau and Moab in the Nine Days

Letters and Numbers of Torah - Devarim

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Esau and Moab in the Nine Days: Letters and Numbers of Torah - Devarim

There are three verses in the Torah where a new paragraph begins in the middle of a verse. One of them is found in this week’s Torah portion. The fact that there is a break implies that we are dealing with two opposite concepts, in this case, the people of Esau and Moab. How are Esau and Moab opposites? How is this related to the Nine Days?
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Joshua Philadelphia, PA July 20, 2018

Why do we say that Esav had such outstanding kibud av, when we know that Esav brought wives who did avodah zorah into his father's home (some say Ytzchack was blinded by the incense they burned to idols); and when we know that Esav tried to deceive his father about Esav's own observance of mtizvos by asking questions of Ytzchak about how to tithe salt, etc.? What exactly did Esav do that was truly kibud av which Yaakov did not do? Reply

Leah July 29, 2014

unclear on one thing so which is it? are we going to build the Beis HaMikdosh or will it descend from Shamayim? Reply

Catherine NY, NY July 26, 2012

Always excellent. Always informative. I love your infusion of light into the weeks parshah. In the sea of knowledge and understanding you are a pearl!

Thank you Reply

Elayne (Esther) Stamford, CT July 26, 2012

AWESOME Such insights and close reading of the Parashah. My mind and soul expand upon impact from R. Raskin's teaching.
Makes these days of observance more meaningful to me and actually an opportunity to participate in the Marvelous. Reply

Irene Glen Burnie, MD USA July 25, 2012

Esau and Moab in the Nine Days I really enjoy your lessons Rabbi Raskin. This was an awesome lesson.

Makes me want to pray even harder not only for myself but also for all G-d's children to turn more and more to the G-d who has created us all .

May all that G-d has for you, be upon you today, tomorrow, and forever. Shalom Reply

James Brush Miami, Florida/US July 25, 2012

Esau and Moab in the Nine Days B"H
Thank for your message and work! Explained in english really helps. You make Torah so much fun. Joy and meshiach. I am so inspired. Todah rabah Reply

Rabbi Raskin looks at the hidden meanings of the sizes and numerical values (gematria) of the Hebrew letters in the weekly Torah portion.
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