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What Does G-d Demand of Us?

Letters and Numbers of Torah - Eikev

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What Does G-d Demand of Us?: Letters and Numbers of Torah - Eikev

In the verse "And now, O Israel, what does the Lord, your G-d, demand of you?" (Deuteronomy 10:12) the word for "what" (mah) can be read as "hundred" (meiah) by adding a letter alef. What does it mean that G-d asks for a "hundred" from us? Where does the extra alef come from? How are both of these connected to the fact that we read this portion about a month before Rosh Hashanah?
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Jorge Qro. Mexico September 2, 2016

Rabbi Raskin, Happy Rosh Hashanah Reply

Rabbi Aaron L. Raskin Brooklyn heights, ny via February 28, 2013

tapping into mah Dear Daphna,
Mah means what(am I) or bittul, to nullify ones own will for G-d.
Every time a women does a mitzvah i.e.
lighting shabbat candles, going to mikvah, or
inviting guests to a shabbat meal,
she accesses her Mah. because she nullifies her will for G-d

may you see many blessings in your life. Reply

Anonymous kansas city, Kansas -usa August 12, 2012

message B"H
Wow!! Great start to see ur video! Amen! Reply

Anonymous cleveland, oh August 12, 2012

Re: women and level of bittul yes....Daphne from Brooklyn, NY.....I was wondering that too.
and I forgot to wish Rabbi Raskin,
k'siva v'chasima shana tova and may Hashem hear all our prayers and speedily answer us with the immediate Redemption and all healing for everyone who needs any healing. Reply

Daphne Brooklyn, NY August 10, 2012

Thank you and question Thank you Rabbi for your insightful and inspiring lesson.

You speak of the fact that women are not obligated to recite 100 blessings a day because they are already on the level of "mah" and that women only have to tap into it - I wonder what do women have to do to tap into that level of "mah"? Reply

Anonymous cleveland, oh August 10, 2012

2 questions first: if during candle lighting of Rosh Hashanah this "aleph" light-energy-vitality ascends, does that leave the world in a more vulnerable position until the new light-energy descends the following morning? why is there this break between last year's light and this new year's light?
secondly, is the word "chamisha" spelled without a "yud" because I am getting 938 and I was spelling it with a yud.
thank you. Reply

Hirschel Pekkar Brooklyn, NY August 9, 2012

eikev BH. Hashem wants the "moh" the bitul, the blessings should be not just from your mouth and out, but they should be "meimoch," from within you,
so that the "ki im" the small mitzvos, the "milsa zutreso" should be "leyiro" should be produced with Yiras shomaim. Reply

Rabbi Raskin Brooklyn, Ny August 9, 2012

Irene Thank you for your comments
And support.

Happy healthy sweet new year! Reply

Rabbi Raskin Brooklyn, Ny August 9, 2012

Happy new year Amen!
And to you too! Reply

catherine ny, ny August 9, 2012

happy new year Wishing you Rabbi a Happy Healthy and Sweet New Year. Thank you for the deeper understanding. Reply

Anonymous Sydney August 8, 2012

Thank you Always insightful and uplifting .
Thank you Reply

Irene Glen Burnie, MD USA August 8, 2012

What does G-d demand of us. An interesting lesson.

Thank you Rabbi Raskin for sharing it.

G-d's blessings on you. Reply

Rabbi Raskin looks at the hidden meanings of the sizes and numerical values (gematria) of the Hebrew letters in the weekly Torah portion.
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