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The Red Heifer, Esau, and Striking the Rock

Letters and Numbers of Torah - Chukat

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The Red Heifer, Esau, and Striking the Rock : Letters and Numbers of Torah - Chukat

Describing the red heifer ritual, the Torah states (Numbers 19:2) “Take a red heifer that never had a yoke placed upon it.” The Hebrew word for yoke (ol) is normally spelled ayin-vav-lamed, but in this verse, the vav is missing. What is the connection between 1) the missing vav, 2) the Edomites who are descended from Esau, and 3) the story of Moses striking the rock?
Kabbalat Ol, Moses Strikes the Rock, Chukat, Edom, Esau, Red Heifer, Vav, Parshah

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Arthur Friedman Wisconsin June 15, 2021

Came for the lesson, stayed for a truly inspiring message. That was fantastic, it moved my heart and my mind. Thank you. Reply

Rabbi Raskin Bklyn hts June 15, 2021
in response to Arthur Friedman:

Thank you Truly Humbling Reply

Rabbi Raskin Bklyn Hts Ny July 2, 2017

Thank you Thank all for your wonderful comments.
Please share these videos with others. Reply

Alessandro Venezia Rome Italy July 2, 2017

Kazack Meod Reply

Jorge Qro. Mexico July 1, 2017

wow! Rabbi Raskin, it really sounded bold to my ears. However, the entire world is not made up only of Christians, Jews and Muslims, - from the left to the right, as you put it. There are some other religions too: the religions of Asia, mainly. Anyway, I consider the beacon to go on through life is "to work to make the world a house for God to dwell in". More or less that is what I've learnt in Chabad and I think it works out well. Reply

Gerekha B'sha'arekha Nashville, TN April 8, 2016

The Holy head of Esav Esav is ready to return the ateret.

gerekha b'sha'arekha Reply

Rabbi Raskin looks at the hidden meanings of the sizes and numerical values (gematria) of the Hebrew letters in the weekly Torah portion.
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