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The Truth About Love and Marriage
The key to a happy marriage
We’ve heard a lot about a match made in heaven, but what are the real ingredients for a healthy and happy marriage?
Kabbalistic Secrets for Lasting Relationships
A marriage rooted in oneness
The paradox: while G-d is absolutely One, He nevertheless has an overwhelming desire to engage in a relationship with mankind. Understanding this paradox is at the root of free choice and human responsibility, and is the key to healthy marriages that last a lifetime.
How Much Experience Do You Need Before Marriage?
Some well-meaning folk believe that a little bit of experience in romantic relationships is a good preparation for marriage. The Torah teaches that it’s the single worst possible preparation. (“Parsha Perks” with Dr Michael Chighel | Chayei Sarah)
Why People Divorce
What makes a good marriage?
How to Have a Great Marriage
Secrets of Domestic Harmony
What are the key elements to maintaining a strong and loving bond with your spouse?
The Case For or Against Marriage
The Comedy of Marriage
A hilarious and depth-filled talk on the true meaning of marriage and relationships according to the Torah and Kabbalah.
The Five Love Languages
A chassidic couple tells all
Discover the five key ingredients for a healthy and happy marriage. Rabbi Avraham and Mrs. Goldie Plotkin draw on the Torah’s timeless wisdom and their decades of experience in marriage counseling to demonstrate what’s essential for successful relationships.
Ten Marriage Commandments
A Guide to Domestic Tranquility
Why does passion fade over time? Is there anything that can be done about it? Rabbi Raskin suggests ten practical rules that will improve your marriage.
The Ultimate Recipe for Lasting Love
Advice for Couples
How couples can build the kind of life together where both will give and receive the maximum amount of love.
American Idols - Love
The Worship of Love
Americans are a society of people who "love to love." But is love itself a value?
Does Your iPhone Hate Your Marriage?
Filling in emotional energy leaks
Today more than ever, there are “emotional energy leaks” vying for our attention and time, that damage the special bond we are supposed to have with our mate. How can spouses make sure they are cherishing each other properly?
Marriage as Self-Discovery
A Lecture for Singles
“Relationship Rabbi” Chay Amar explains to Jewish singles why you never really know yourself until you get married.
Upgrade Your Family Life
Tiny improvements that will make big changes
In today’s day and age, we have become quite accustomed to upgrading our material standard of living. But what about upgrading our relationships with our family members? What are the “little improvements” that can make a world of difference for spouses, parents and children?
Your Other Half or Other Whole
A Kabbalistic Understanding of Marriage
How two people can come together to create a new entity while remaining individuals.
The Evolution of Marriage
Demystifying the Jewish Wedding Procedure
How the giving of the Torah forever transformed the nature of marriage and simultaneously the relationship between G-d and His people. (Likutei Sichos vol. 39, Ki Seitzei: Sicha 3)
When Breaking Is Fixing
The secret to a successful relationship
Learning to accept (yours and others’) imperfections, flaws and deficiencies.
Becoming Attached
Video | 30:38
Becoming Attached
Becoming One with Your Spouse
Attachment Theory provides insights into different "attachment styles" of individuals and how couples can create and sustain closeness and intimacy.
Friends for Life
Video | 26:41
Friends for Life
Becoming one with your spouse
The Talmud says, “One who dreams of a river, a kettle and a bird will have a happy marriage.” What do these three symbols represent, and what can they teach us about the methods by which couples can increase intimacy?
What Makes a Marriage Endure?
After becoming observant in college, Rabbi Meilech Leib DuBrow asked the Rebbe about marrying someone whom he had known during his student years. In an unusually long audience, he received the answer to his question, as well as advice on the basics of a Jewish marriage. (1971)
Two Halves of a Whole
In 1950, Rabbi Leibel and Thirza Posner became engaged to be married. The Rebbe, who was yet to officially accept leadership of Chabad after the passing of Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneerson, granted them a private audience. During the meeting, the Rebbe shared with them the secret of what makes a marriage so special.
A Foundation for Life
“This will be a receptacle for G-d Almighty’s blessings, for the preparation of the wedding itself.” (Collage)
Talmudic Wisdom for Marriage
A simple seeming conversation between a matron and a Talmudic sage reveals a beautiful lesson in marriage.
Happiness = A Little Less Self
The word selfless is accurately put. We will never entirely obliterate the self. We can continuously make our lives less and less about self. While it may seem counterintuitive, this is also the path to greater happiness.
When Your Spouse Messes Up
Think about this strange wedding custom
The Secret to Flexibility in Marriage
What does it mean to love?
How to Have Harmony in the Home
What is the secret to bringing love and harmony into the home?
Breaking the Glass
Why do we break a glass and shout “Mazal tov!” at the end of a Jewish marriage ceremony?
Reflections on
Romance of Attraction
We all tak about it; but what is it? What is the science of attraction? What does a man truly find irresistible about a woman? Can attraction only be about the continuation of our species?
Be Everything You Want to See from Others
So often we are dissatisfied in a relationship. Why can’t they just this or just that? Listen to this crazy story, and learn how to stop blaming them and start taking responsibility yourself.
Why Marriage Is Like the Splitting of the Sea
Something Spiritual on the Seventh of Passover
When to Expect True Love
Something Spiritual on Parshat Chayei Sarah
What comes first, love or marriage? The Torah reframes the meaning of love.
When to Think About Getting Married?
A conversation between an ancient Roman noblewoman and a Talmudic sage about making matches.
Why Date for Marriage?
Q&A with Rabbi Simon Jacobson on the Jewish perspective on relationships and marriage, from an event hosted by Met@Chabad, which educates and facilitates dating and marriage with Jewish values for young Jews.
How to Be Best Friends Forever
Staying Perfect Partners in an Imperfect World
Powerful Torah tools for strengthening marital relations, fortifying emotional fidelity, refining communication skills and strengthening mutual respect and acceptance.
Why Does Marriage Fail?
The Truth About Intimacy
The secret that the Torah shares with us about men and women is that they are not brought closer through physical attraction.
The Kabbalah of Marriage
Understanding Relationships
Relationships seem to be an enigma. Uncovering the quintessential relationship between G-d and man, which mirrors our very own marriages, sheds light on this most challenging topic.
The Spirituality of Gender
Male and Female According to Chassidus
The different spiritual make-up of men and women illuminates their respective roles in a healthy relationship.
There's No Place Like Home
The Power of the Jewish Home
At the 23rd anniversary of the University of Pittsubrgh Chabad House, Rabbi Manis Friedman expounds on the organization's motto: "The warmest place away from home." What is a home and why does having one touch us so deeply?
Maidens in White
Video | 42:05
Maidens in White
On Yom Kippur and the 15th of Av the maidens of Jerusalem would go out to its vineyards where young men had gathered, like them, to find their partner in marriage. There the maidens would dance wearing borrowed white gowns. This class addresses the spiritual dimensions of this sublime encounter.
Woman of Oneness
Video | 40:00
Woman of Oneness
How to salvage a marriage when all seems lost.
A deeper look at the biblical story of how the prophet Elisha saves an impoverished widow and her sons from the clutches of a merciless creditor.
A Torah Attitude Toward Marriage
Chassidic perspectives on Shalom Bayis
The Jewish Wedding
Video | 23:29
The Jewish Wedding
Understanding the Mitzvah of Marriage
A deeper look at some of the unique components of the Jewish wedding ceremony, and insights on the special mitzvah of marriage.
The Mitzvah of Marriage
Halachic components of betrothal and marriage, and their mystical dimension
Man’s Marital Obligations
The mitzvah to provide for your wife
Explore the inner meaning of the husband’s three obligations to his wife as prescribed in the Torah.
Soul Mates Reunited
Video | 42:24
Soul Mates Reunited
Jewish mysticism teaches that marrying a soul mate is far deeper than just meeting your destiny. Discover the ultimate meaning of soul mates.
Two Guys in Basements Talk About Wedding Customs
Why is the bride’s face covered? Why does the groom really smash the glass? And why does everyone dance in circles? And more!
Daily Mitzvah, Day 69: Megillah and Chanukah, Part 2 & Marriage, Part 1
Study the daily lesson of Sefer HaMitzvos for day 69 with Rabbi Mendel Kaplan, where he teaches the mitzvah in-depth with added insight and detail.
Daily Mitzvah, Day 70: Marriage, Part 2
Study the daily lesson of Sefer HaMitzvos for day 70 with Rabbi Mendel Kaplan, where he teaches the mitzvah in-depth with added insight and detail.
Daily Mitzvah, Day 74: A Husband's Obligations to His Wife, Part 1
Study the daily lesson of Sefer HaMitzvos for day 74 with Rabbi Mendel Kaplan, where he teaches the mitzvah in-depth with added insight and detail.
Daily Mitzvah, Day 75: A Husband's Obligations to His Wife, Part 2
Study the daily lesson of Sefer HaMitzvos for day 75 with Rabbi Mendel Kaplan, where he teaches the mitzvah in-depth with added insight and detail.
Laws of Marriage and Procreation
Contemporary Halachah and Kitzur Shulchan Aruch
Our 613: Day 71
Video | 3:03
Our 613: Day 71
Women Learn Sefer HaMitzvot
Our 613: Day 72
Video | 4:10
Our 613: Day 72
Women Learn Sefer HaMitzvot
Our 613: Day 74
Video | 4:42
Our 613: Day 74
Women Learn Sefer HaMitzvot
Adam and Chava: The First Relationship
Reading Interpersonal Relationships: Part 1
Four paradigms for the archetypical marital relationship are expounded from a single Torah verse.
Engagement - Part 1
Part 1
The Jewish way of dating and preparing yourself for your wedding.
Engagement - Part 2
Part 2
The Jewish way of dating and preparing yourself for your wedding.
Wedding - Part 1
Part 1
The key components of a Jewish wedding and some customs and traditions.
The Wedding - Part 2
Part 2
The key components of a Jewish wedding and some customs and traditions.
Building a Jewish Family
May G-d bless each of you, that the preparations, the wedding, and the long, good years which will follow should all be with abundant success and Chassidic joy.
Officiating at a Wedding
The Rebbe presides over the marriage of two young Chassidim and recites the seven blessings over a cup of wine.
Wedding Blessings
Video | 2:33
Wedding Blessings
Brides and grooms receive dollars and blessings from the Rebbe in honor of their upcoming special day.
Blessings to Bride and Groom
Brides and grooms receive the Rebbe’s blessings in anticipation of their wedding day.
Chossonim and Kallos – Collage
The Rebbe gives blessings and distributes dollars to many brides and grooms. “A Chosson is a king, so you have the ability now to bless the entire world.”
Intimacy: The Sanctity of Marriage
Jewish Essentials - Part 6
What does Judaism say about marital intimacy? Introduce meaning and sanctity into your marriage with the beautiful observances of mikvah. This class is the sixth lecture of a six-part series titled ‘The Essentials,’ which introduces the foundations of Jewish life and living.
Million Dollar Tip
How do YOU greet your spouse at the end of your day? Marital therapist, Aryeh Pamensy challenges us in this week's video blog while providing some tips to enrich any marriage.
Male and Female Attributes
The Kabbalah of Marriage
Understanding the different soul characteristics of men and women is key to better relationships.
Secrets of the Chupah
The Kabbalah of Marriage
The chupah ceremony at the Jewish wedding contains profound mystical meaning and valuable lessons for a lasting marriage.
Mystical Insights on the Chupah
The Kabbalah of Marriage
Learn beautiful Kabbalistic ideas embedded in the Chupah rituals, which offer a fresh and mystical perspective on the dynamics in marriage.
Personal Time for the Bride and Groom
The Kabbalah of Marriage
The final stage of the Jewish wedding ceremony (following the chupah) is the ‘yichud’ room, wherein the bride and groom share private moments together in seclusion. Discover the oneness represented in this space of privacy.
The Third Partner in Marriage
The Kabbalah of Marriage
How to bring G-d into your relationship and enhance the peace and harmony in the home.
Intimacy in Judaism
Video | 40:18
Intimacy in Judaism
The Kabbalah of Marriage
The Jewish view on marital relations and the virtue in the unity it produces.
Why Get Married
Video | LIVE
Why Get Married
The Making of a Marriage, Lesson 1
Nowadays, some might view marriage as a failing institution. Divorce rates are skyrocketing and broken homes are becoming the norm. So why bother getting married at all? In today’s class, we explore the cosmic importance of Jewish marriage and how it empowers both partners to become their best selves.
Hello, My Name Is Soulmate
The Making of a Marriage, Lesson 2
Do soulmates exist? And if so, how do we know when we’ve found the one? Join us as we explore Judaism’s approach to dating; what to look for in a potential partner, how to decide when one is ready for marriage, and what steps that need to be taken in order to create a happy, healthy, home.
Smashing a Glass and Tying the Knot
The Making of a Marriage, Lesson 3
What is so special about a Jewish wedding ceremony? What makes it different from a trip down to city hall? In this week’s class we explore the mystical significance of the Jewish wedding. Join us as we look at the timeless lessons to be found in every element of the wedding ceremony, from signing the Ketuba through smashing the glass.
Married Every Day
Video | LIVE
Married Every Day
The Making of a Marriage, Lesson 4
Mazal tov! You’re married. Now what? A cornerstone of Jewish life, the Mikvah has long been the secret to building a successful marriage. In the final installment of our course, we look at the mitzvah of Taharat HaMishpacha and how it can help relationships flourish and deepen the emotional bond between husband and wife.
Chosen for What?
Video | 27:57
Chosen for What?
Selflessness within the sanctity of marriage is a metaphor for a Jew’s relationship with G‑d.
Married to G-d
Video | 28:00
Married to G-d
In the context of a Jew's relationship with G-d, every sin is an act of betrayal. Thus, teshuvah (repentance) is the act of restoring closeness after the bonds of trust have been broken.
Re-enacting the Marriage between the Jew and G-d
The High Holidays Season – Sukkot & Simchat Torah
The common theme contained in the High-Holidays and the festivals of Sukkot and Simchat Torah.
How to Build a Jewish Home
How did newlyweds of yesteryear get their new home ready prior to marriage?
The Priority Is a Good Marriage
Something Spiritual on Parshat Ki-Teitzei
The Non-Identical Twins
Letters and Numbers of Torah - Toldot
This portion begins with the verse, “These (Jacob and Esau) are the offspring of Yitzchak" but the Hebrew word for offspring (toldot) is missing a letter vav. Also, when it says that Rebecca is pregnant with twins, the Hebrew word for twins (te'omim) is missing a letter aleph.
Can a Marriage Survive and Thrive Through Depression and Anxiety?
One month into marriage, Rabbi Ariel Margulies was suffering from depression and anxiety. Today, he and his wife Chana have built a beautiful, strong marriage and authored a book together called, "Thank You For Being You." They share insights into their raw and honest soul trek.
Our 613: Day 70
Video | 5:54
Our 613: Day 70
Women Learn Sefer HaMitzvot
The Joy of Children, Part 1
“They’ll Teach You Patience”
Just three days before her wedding, a bride declares her wishes to call off the marriage... (circa 1957)
Jacob Leaves Home
Video | 1:49
Jacob Leaves Home
The circumstances under which our patriarch Jacob left his parents' home at the age of sixty-three.
Love G-d with Your Evil Inclination?
The Torah commands us to “love G-d with all your heart”. The Hebrew word for 'heart' is spelled with an extra letter: the letter 'vet' appears twice. Our Sages explain that this means that we are to love G-d with both inclinations of the heart, the good (yetzer tov) and the evil (yetzer hara). But how can one possibly love G-d with one's evil inclination?! This class offers three answers in ascending sequence and offers a parallel model for a blissful marriage.
Marrying Jewish
Video | 55:00
Marrying Jewish
Practical Parshah - Va'etchanan
The prohibition against intermarriage appears in this week's portion. How does Torah guide Jews in finding Jewish spouses? (This video was shot live on location from Jerusalem.)
A Guardrail for a New Home
Video | 46:24
A Guardrail for a New Home
Learning Likutei Sichos vol. 19, Ki Seitzei sicha 2
From the mitzvah to make a fence around the roof of a new home to ensure safety, we learn that a new life-stage or a new spiritual adventure requires a new personal discipline.
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