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Man’s Marital Obligations

The mitzvah to provide for your wife

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Man’s Marital Obligations: The mitzvah to provide for your wife

Explore the inner meaning of the husband’s three obligations to his wife as prescribed in the Torah.
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Shalom Bayit (Marital Harmony), Sefer HaMitzvot, Mishpatim, Marriage

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Anonymous, too June 14, 2017

Hi Anonymous. I came to check on you because your questions are serious and deserve answers. Studying the lives of our forefathers and mothers in Torah would answer your questions; but, I will offer one of my own observations here (just one because of space constraints) and if no one else comes to offer others, I'll return in a few days and add another. There do seem to be basic 'rules' or 'roles' for a woman in marriage (there are always exceptions to every rule, I suppose). Here's No. 1: G-d designed the bodies of women to have the capacity to become pregnant under the right conditions, to give birth and provide a perfect food for the child. Men do not do this. Pregnant women should watch their nutrition, get rest, and have emotional support. New mothers will rear the children during infancy and early childhood - exceedingly demanding work! Husbands can do something important for their families by providing financial and emotional support and security. What do you think so far? Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn June 10, 2017

I really enjoyed the video and found it very interesting! My questions are the following:
- There are a lot of rules for the man in the relationship (ex: He must provide for his wife to whatever means he is able to financially, etc...). It is mentioned that it's good for the woman to reciprocate, but it doesn't sound like it's required. Why not? Shouldn't a marriage be a partnership between two people? And if so, shouldn't both be responsible and have certain tasks and responsibilities within this partnership? And if that is the case, what is the woman's role and responsibility within the marriage?
- What about the households where a woman provides for the husband? How does that play into the rules? Reply

M. Diane ny March 13, 2017

Wonderful! Beautiful. Reply