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Breaking the Glass

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Breaking the Glass

Why do we break a glass and shout “Mazal tov!” at the end of a Jewish marriage ceremony?
Chupah, Marriage

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David Central Kansas April 15, 2013

Breaking The Glass & Shouting "Mazel Tov"! Dear Rabbi Greenberg,
All my life (70 years), I have intermittently wondered why my parents, of blessed memory, offered a vigorous "mazel tov" when something was broken, or plans did not materialize as hoped. Your message was touching and inspirational. A revelation. Thank you. Your delivery was tender and sweet! Reply

sherida Levy October 27, 2012

Mazal tov! :) Marriage, a wonderful gift, a blessing that fills the heart with love and happiness and gives the power to overcome challenges. Mazal tov! i love you Rabbi M. D Reply