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Marriage - Audio Classes

What is Love?
Audio | 48:02
What is Love?
When one plus one equals one
We all want love. We know it fulfills a basic need in the human experience. Without it we feel miserable and with it we feel elated. But what is it?
The Harmonic Relationship
Harmony is necessary when two people with different personalities want to learn to live together. But how is it created?
The Sanctity of Marriage
The similarities between marriage on earth and the marriage of G-d and the Jews, reveal the Divine nature of both these unions. Our relationships with G-d and spouse demand modesty, humility and a sense of propriety. These are the building blocks of all intimate relationships.
The Story of Marriage
Audio | 1:08:25
The Story of Marriage
Marriage may be a good idea all by itself. However G-d prefers to make it a mitzvah. He wants to be our partner in marriage. This makes marriage far greater than a human affair.
The Majestic Bride, Lesson 1
The Lost Art of Intimacy
Explore Kabbalistic wisdom on men, women, and marriage and examine the mystical energies of love, relationships, male, female, intimacy, and giving and receiving. Learn the deepest secrets of the cosmos and how they apply to our most physical of human relationships.
Melody of Four Stanzas
Rabbi Schneur Zalman’s Niggun
Happiness = A Little Less Self
The word selfless is accurately put. We will never entirely obliterate the self. We can continuously make our lives less and less about self. While it may seem counterintuitive, this is also the path to greater happiness.
Laws of Marriage and Procreation
Contemporary Halachah and Kitzur Shulchan Aruch
The Jewish Wedding
Audio | 23:27
The Jewish Wedding
Understanding the Mitzvah of Marriage
A deeper look at some of the unique components of the Jewish wedding ceremony, and insights on the special mitzvah of marriage.
The Mitzvah of Marriage
Halachic components of betrothal and marriage, and their mystical dimension
Man’s Marital Obligations
The mitzvah to provide for your wife
Explore the inner meaning of the husband’s three obligations to his wife as prescribed in the Torah.
Two Guys in Basements Talk About Wedding Customs
Why is the bride’s face covered? Why does the groom really smash the glass? And why does everyone dance in circles? And more!
Does Your iPhone Hate Your Marriage?
Filling in emotional energy leaks
Today more than ever, there are “emotional energy leaks” vying for our attention and time, that damage the special bond we are supposed to have with our mate. How can spouses make sure they are cherishing each other properly?
Your Other Half or Other Whole
A Kabbalistic Understanding of Marriage
How two people can come together to create a new entity while remaining individuals.
Adam and Chava: The First Relationship
Reading Interpersonal Relationships: Part 1
Four paradigms for the archetypical marital relationship are expounded from a single Torah verse.
Becoming Attached
Audio | 30:38
Becoming Attached
Becoming One with Your Spouse
Attachment Theory provides insights into different "attachment styles" of individuals and how couples can create and sustain closeness and intimacy.
Friends for Life
Audio | 26:40
Friends for Life
Becoming one with your spouse
The Talmud says, “One who dreams of a river, a kettle and a bird will have a happy marriage.” What do these three symbols represent, and what can they teach us about the methods by which couples can increase intimacy?
The Truth About Love and Marriage
The key to a happy marriage
We’ve heard a lot about a match made in heaven, but what are the real ingredients for a healthy and happy marriage?
Kabbalistic Secrets for Lasting Relationships
A marriage rooted in oneness
The paradox: while G-d is absolutely One, He nevertheless has an overwhelming desire to engage in a relationship with mankind. Understanding this paradox is at the root of free choice and human responsibility, and is the key to healthy marriages that last a lifetime.
Ten Marriage Commandments
A Guide to Domestic Tranquility
Why does passion fade over time? Is there anything that can be done about it? Rabbi Raskin suggests ten practical rules that will improve your marriage.
The Spirituality of Gender
Male and Female According to Chassidus
The different spiritual make-up of men and women illuminates their respective roles in a healthy relationship.
The Five Love Languages
A chassidic couple tells all
Discover the five key ingredients for a healthy and happy marriage. Rabbi Avraham and Mrs. Goldie Plotkin draw on the Torah’s timeless wisdom and their decades of experience in marriage counseling to demonstrate what’s essential for successful relationships.
The Case For or Against Marriage
The Comedy of Marriage
A hilarious and depth-filled talk on the true meaning of marriage and relationships according to the Torah and Kabbalah.
How to Have a Great Marriage
Secrets of Domestic Harmony
What are the key elements to maintaining a strong and loving bond with your spouse?
Woman of Oneness
Audio | 38:55
Woman of Oneness
How to salvage a marriage when all seems lost.
A deeper look at the biblical story of how the prophet Elisha saves an impoverished widow and her sons from the clutches of a merciless creditor.
The Evolution of Marriage
Demystifying the Jewish Wedding Procedure
How the giving of the Torah forever transformed the nature of marriage and simultaneously the relationship between G-d and His people. (Likutei Sichos vol. 39, Ki Seitzei: Sicha 3)
Megillah and Chanukah, Part 2 & Marriage, Part 1
Sefer HaMitzvot: Day 69
Marriage, Part 2
Sefer HaMitzvot: Day 70
A Husband's Obligations to His Wife, Part 1
Sefer HaMitzvot: Day 74
A Husband's Obligations to His Wife, Part 2
Sefer HaMitzvot: Day 75
The Ruse of the Three Letters
Noticing his father’s return to a life of wealth, Zalman’s son revived their kinship and stopped by to talk more often.
The Lost Boy and the Secret Slip of Parchment
“I have three very strong horses, fast as deer,” he whispered. “If you’re willing to pay, I’ll take the innkeeper and his family to a city far from here. Tonight.”
The Boy Who Could Not Walk
They crisscrossed Russia, trudging from doctor to doctor, but even the greatest specialists threw their hands up in despair.
Feminine Mystique
Audio | 1:09:48
Feminine Mystique
The feminine mystique means being open to G-dliness beyond rational reason, which brings G-dliness into the world that is infinite, beyond rational reason...
Shelach: Strangers In The Night
This week's Torah portion teaches the Laws of Tzitzit: In Chassidic circles it is customary for men to begin wearing the Tallit at marriage, what is the connection between marriage and the Tallit?
Chosen for What?
Audio | 27:43
Chosen for What?
Selflessness within the sanctity of marriage is a metaphor for a Jew’s relationship with G‑d.
Married to G-d
Audio | 27:38
Married to G-d
In the context of a Jew's relationship with G-d, every sin is an act of betrayal. Thus, teshuvah (repentance) is the act of restoring closeness after the bonds of trust have been broken.
Re-enacting the Marriage between the Jew and G-d
The High Holidays Season – Sukkot & Simchat Torah
The common theme contained in the High-Holidays and the festivals of Sukkot and Simchat Torah.
The Non-Identical Twins
Letters and Numbers of Torah - Toldot
This portion begins with the verse, “These (Jacob and Esau) are the offspring of Yitzchak" but the Hebrew word for offspring (toldot) is missing a letter vav. Also, when it says that Rebecca is pregnant with twins, the Hebrew word for twins (te'omim) is missing a letter aleph.
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