I had a bad dream last night. What is essentially a good situation in real life became infused with fear, distrust and unease in a seamless negative narrative. On waking this morning, once I had said the “Modeh Ani” prayer and regained my bearings, my thoughts went like this ...

Oy, what a dream! But hang on a minute! I am impressed with the capacity of my inner world to so seamlessly pull together and integrate everything in such a focused and creative way. If I have the capacity to do this even when asleep in a not-yet-positive way, how much more so do I have the capacity to integrate, interpret and allow myself and my portion of the world to be permeated by a positive vision when I am awake and have access to all my cognitive faculties.

Modern psychology is increasingly focusing on the transformative potential of the narratives we construct to make sense of our experiences. For those of us who have had difficult times in childhood or adult life, these narratives may be framed in a defensive mode. But there is a natural inbuilt movement towards finding meaning, healing and moving forwards.

As our world comes closer to the complete change of darkness to light, I have found many courageous individuals who are understandably cautious in their approach and sometimes need help to facilitate the healing process, but who are uniquely sensitized and gifted to perceive and nurture subtle shifts towards innovation and transformation.

Source: Maamar Pada B’shalom, Yud Tes Kislev, 5735.