Here’s a thought to ponder ...

What if everything we have been searching for, yearning for, desperately attempting to make sense of is already here, waiting to be uncovered through our meaningful, authentic and loving interactions with each other and our Creator?

What if the key is relationships and authentic connection, essence to essence? That our job now, at this time of history, is one of integration and revealing the underlying unity between everyone and everything in our own unique and meaningful ways.

What if anything old and painful that comes up now, intruding and allowing old fears and vulnerabilities to surface, is only there to promote healing, connection, empathy and greater light? To be held in deep understanding and empathy from the deepest part of ourselves to the part that experienced such constraint and limitation.

All this is possible now, so let’s live our lives fully.

Sources: References to the imminence of the redemption, a pervasive theme in Sichot 5751 and 5752; the importance of loving our fellow to bring the redemption, Maamar Basi Legani, 5711.