Just imagine ... What if we could allow ourselves to be fully present, wherever we are, at any given time, with full trust that this is where we are meant to be, where we are meant to give our full attention? Whether with another person, in our quiet connection with our Creator, with what we choose to read or learn, or even when we clean or cook.

Just imagine ... if we could allow ourselves to be safe in the knowledge that G‑d is truly present with us, with no possibility of an intrusive thought, doubt or worry about anything in the world. Confident that we are fulfilling our purpose, building and revealing a dira b’tachtonim—a home for G‑d right here in this physical world.

This, too, is a form of spiritual service, accessible to all of us at every time in every place. It is a gentle but transformative practice of Jewish mindfulness, which we can begin right now in these last moments of exile, which will certainly transform them into the first moments of redemption.

Sources: Tanya, Likkutei Amarim ch. 33; Sichos in English, vol 48, Shabbat Parshat Acharei Kedoshim, 13th Iyar 5751.