From G‑d’s perspective, the deepest intent of any separation is for the greater unity to follow.1

The separation of the upper waters from the lower waters on the second day of creation was to enable the creation of dry land on the third day.

Our physical world was created seemingly separate from G‑d’s manifest presence in order to establish a dwelling place here for G‑d through our study of Torah and performance of mitzvot, thus creating the greatest unity possible.

Right now, we find ourselves needing to separate socially, to distance ourselves physically from others in response to sensible and lifesaving advice from medical experts. But this need not be a separation of hearts and minds; it is for the sake of ensuing deeper unity and connection.

Love and fear of G‑d, the intent behind every mitzvah, are like wings enabling them to soar upwards.2 With every mitzvah we do, we should have the whole Jewish people in mind in order to unite and attach all of us with G‑d’s will.

Since our souls are all connected, even if someone on the other side of the world is prevented from doing a mitzvah, when one of us performs that mitzvah, we all benefit.

Let’s focus on this unity and bless each other with true harmony, peace and good health, which will surely catalyze the complete transformation of darkness to light.