I’ve been thinking a lot about narratives lately. It seems to me that there is only one true narrative. Only one that has the capacity to inform, relate to and explain every single diverse thing in this world. Which narrative is this?

The evolving transformation of darkness to light, of exile to redemption, built into the world by our loving Creator since the beginning of time, aided and catalyzed by our acts of goodness and kindness, courage and resilience.

No other narrative can encapsulate every person, thing, event and experience in our world, in a unified way which rings true.

It is the deepest possible story, the mashal hakadmoni, the deepest truth of the Torah and of all creation. All other true narratives are branches or fragments of this one true powerful story.

I wonder why we find it so hard to hold on to, to allow it to give us the greatest possible encouragement and inspiration, when it is the truest narrative from the beginning of time?

Let’s trust that this powerful truth is unfolding and bless that it should reach its true fulfilment immediately.

Sources: Chassidic interpretation of Genesis 1:2, see Kehot Chumash; “From Exile to Redemption,” Kehot, Vol. 1.