Gently, gently ...

As women, we are very aware of transitions in our children’s lives. From when they are small babies onward, we do our best to make these shifts gentle, peaceful, understandable and non-threatening. Sometimes, our children may find change more difficult, and we work hard to lovingly soothe them and ease them through it.

G‑d does the same for us in these transformative times as we move closer and closer to the full, complete, transformation of darkness to light. A powerful medium to allow this peaceful shift is learning the inner, deepest parts of Torah, whose ways are of comfort, unity and peace. Studying this helps us unite lovingly with G‑d, each other and the deepest parts of ourselves.

We need not fear painful dislocations as we approach redemption. In fact, we have a major part to play in drawing down to our world this peaceful, gentle time. By studying the inner dimension of Torah, particularly the parts relating to the Redemption, these ideas will naturally permeate our consciousness through thought, speech and action, and subsequently encourage others and even heal the world.

Source: Maamar V’yidaber Elokim, Shavuot 5729; Sicha Vayetzei, 9 Kislev 5752 p103; Me’am Lo’ez on Isaiah 52:12 p334.