When we do a mitzvah, such as saying a blessing over the food we are about to eat, giving to those in need, lighting Shabbat candles or studying Torah, we draw powerful supernal light into our souls and the world, and refine the coarseness and physicality of our world.

Each mitzvah takes us one step at a time towards the ultimate completion, healing and purpose of creation, when our world will be transformed into a peaceful, settled place.

We each have a job to do. Our bodies and souls come as a perfect match, chosen by G‑d.

No soul in any body that ever was before, or ever will be again, has the particular mission of your soul, in your body, in what you must do towards the healing of the world.

Sources: Throughout Chassidic thought, including Tanya, Chapters 35 and 37; Tanya, Igeret Hakodesh, Chapter 26.