There are two broad categories of miracles: miracles higher than nature that shatter the natural order (such as the plagues in Egypt or the miracle of the splitting of the Sea), and miracles that are couched within nature, that work within the natural order.

Of the miracles couched within nature, there are two groups. The first are miracles couched in nature, yet the pattern of events that leads to the miracle still reveals their miraculous nature. (An example would be the sequence of events leading to the miraculous holiday of Purim.)

The second category are miracles so completely submerged in nature that even the person receiving the miracle does not realize that they are experiencing a miracle.

Perhaps counterintuitively, Chassidic thought explains that the spiritual source of miracles couched in nature is higher than that of the more clearly miraculous ones. Moreover, the spiritual source of those miracles that we may not even realize is even higher still.

If we open our eyes, we will see more and more of these miracles in the time leading up to the final redemption, aiding us and guiding us towards healing and the transformation of ourselves and our world.

Nature, too, is truly miraculous. It is before our eyes every day and we get used to it. But try not to ... try to keep those eyes wide open.

Sources: Maamar Kymei tzetcha m’eretz Mitzrayim” 5712, Toras Menachem. Sefer HaMaamorim Maloket Adar-Sivan, p. 164.