Feeling stuck? Perhaps this narrative might help.

A caterpillar, living a predictable, if slightly mundane, existence limited by the dimensions of a few large leaves, finds the world closing in on him until finally, he cannot move at all.

Yet in its squashed but secure chrysalis, profound, deep, hidden and somewhat uncomfortable transformation is taking place. Just when life finally seem secure, things start to change and breakdown.

What if we and the whole world are now at that point? Deeply hidden, internal transformation has been taking place, but it has not yet been revealed. Our world seems to be getting worse—breaking down, going backwards and feeling out of control, even while it is interspersed with profound but seemingly short-lived change.

Perhaps this is because we are emerging from our individual and collective chrysalis at different rates, seemingly piecemeal—a bit of breakdown here, a bit of constraint there; a bit of profound change here, an obstruction there; being held back here, but forging forward with gumption there.

What if we are truly almost there? It’s just that a bit of a wing or a leg is being held back or pinned by a fragment of chrysalis. Perhaps someone else has not quite freed themselves, trapped in place by a piece of their chrysalis, constraining us from emerging transformed.

Let’s have confidence that we’re almost there, and patiently and gently free ourselves and help others do so as well. Let’s feel joyful that we’re all moving together to the profound change of the Messianic era, where there will be a complete transformation of darkness to light.

Sources: “From Exile to Redemption,” a compilation of Chabad teachings on the future redemption (Kehot Publications); Sichot in English, vol. 24, Yud Tes Kislev, 5745, part 1 and 2.