No effort in the realm of good is ever lost or wasted, though we don’t always see the results immediately.

In the Messianic era however, our sages teach that on the same day we sow or plant, we will reap and pick the fruit, immediately seeing the results of our endeavors. Then all trees will bear fruit and all parts of the tree will be edible, and there will be an unlocking of potential beyond what we can imagine.

Furthermore, there will be no hindrance to pure growth upwards, towards the light—and no obstacles, only encouragement and blessing. In our spiritual, emotional and physical efforts, we will see the fruits of our labors right away.

So let’s sow and plant as much as we can—acts of goodness and kindness, Torah and mitzvot, courageous deeds—armed with the knowledge and empowerment that each act of sowing might be the transformative deed that flicks the switch from darkness to light for the whole world.

Sources: Likkutei Sichot, Bechukotai, 5751; Shabbat 30b; Rashi, Lev. 26:4, quoting Torat Kohanim 1:6.