My husband recently gave me a beautiful prayer book, in my favorite color, light blue, with my name engraved on it in silver. When I use it to pray, I feel so much closer to my Creator—my prayers permeated, too, with the warmth of my husband’s gift.

G‑d gave us His Torah, with such love, as His constant gift to us. We are not just receiving the Torah—with all its amazing and infinite levels of wisdom and depth—but every time we study or follow its teachings, we experience an ever-deepening relationship with G‑d.

G‑d’s Torah, given to all the Jewish people collectively at Mount Sinai, has a deep individual connection to every one of us and is “personalized,” just like my husband’s gift.

Our sages explain that we each have our own letter in the Torah, our own particular part to unfold and elaborate on, and bring down into the world. In our own unique way, each of us fulfils our mission in the healing and transformation of the world, from darkness to light.

Sources: Me’am Loez, Exodus 111 on Yitro 20:1, p. 130; Alter Rebbe’s introduction to Tanya; Zohar Chadash Shir HaShirim 74d.