Today, as I was reflecting on the lives of a number of my patients, my good friends, my own life and others, I realized something quite remarkable.

So many of us are being pushed and challenged way beyond our limits, and yet we are standing firm. Moreover, we are going beyond ourselves to help and support each other as representatives in this physical world, of G‑d’s infinite compassion.

Resilience is definitely increasing. We are being held and supported more and more by something way beyond us, allowing us in turn to pay it forward, and support and bless others.

In these last moments of exile, when negativity is fielding its final and fiery last stand, our holding firm—and even more, our movement forward towards others with compassion and grace—is truly miraculous.

Soon these acts of goodness and kindness done under such pressure will transform and blast away the last vestiges of darkness to shine the powerful light of the Messianic era.

Sources: See Tanya, Chapters 36 and 37, about the final transformation of darkness into light.