Peace, compassion, respect, reciprocity, authenticity. They are the path to, and the intrinsic values of, the final redemption.

How can we integrate these qualities into our lives? How can we bring them into our thoughts, speech and actions so as to have an effect on all those we meet?

Perhaps the concept of compassionate spaces might help. It is so important that in our homes, our hearts and our relationships that we carve out compassionate spaces, permeated with respect, support and peaceful interactions.

Especially in a difficult situation, let’s try to understand another’s feelings within context. This individual might be constrained right now from being able to express the core of good within them. We can have compassion for their G‑dly spark, which is in such pain at this moment.1

I have a beautiful, peaceful and compassionate image in my mind’s eye. It is the space between the keruvim (cherubic angels) atop the ark in the Holy of Holies, the place from where G‑d’s voice emerged to speak to Moses. This space represented the deepest possible connection between heaven and earth, between our Creator and the Jewish people, a love that can never be touched or extinguished.